Are there active guilds, that don't do guild wars?

Asking out of curiosity, not because I want to switch guilds yet again.

Guild wars are not a rewarding thing to do, not in regards of having fun, nor, unless you are in the top 50 or so, concerning the item drops. Increasing optimisation, Elementalist class…
It has been my third least favourite event for several years, but may be on the way to the top recently. I feel demotivated and disheartened just knowing, that a guild wars week is coming up, even if it’s just 30 fights.

Anyone else feeling the same?

Has any guild come to the conclusion, that it is just not worth it, and stopped registering?

I still need a few more loops to get the troops to mythic, but for a handful of gems, I wonder if it’s worth killing my mood.

Somehow, I am stuck in that outdated mental concept again, that playing games should be fun, or at least more enjoyable than not playing them (and not a form of work, that people do to create content or whatever). Gems of War does not qualify. Especially not with a double hit of bounty weekend (a.k.a. go to level 20, then do the same fight over and over and over with an awful team) and guild wars week.

I can’t stand GW myself, it is zero fun. I am in a guild where GW is optional. About half of my guild mates does the battles.

Yes there are a lot of active guilds that GW is optional. I am currently in a top 15 guild on xbox and have not done GW in months. We still do every event, get all rewards, do many LT each week.

The problem you are going to find is the top guilds that don’t do GW have no turn over. I have been in my current guild for about 200 days and we only had 2 or 3 people leave…and all of them left the game completely because of burn out.

My advice is start looking now, communicate with the guild early, and get on a waiting list so when a spot opens up you can join.

We’re a group of old timers for the most part that everything is optional except 700 seals a week. Most of us still play events and such. And I will play GW only if I am winning :wink: Let me know - we’ve been looking for those that just want to relax, have some fun, be old timers.

Theres quite a few guilds out there that dont have guild wars as a requirement. Nearly all of those large guild families have one guild that has a non gw guild (throne of odin family of guilds is one of them) and a lot of those guilds are high performers, filled with peeps who love the game but just hate gw.

As foxdvd stated. Spots in these guilds tend to be hard to come by as people who get tired of gw are more numerous than those in these guilds who quit the game.