Are the gnomes switched on?

Have been grinding solidly since reset + pulling the new mythic; have not encountered any gnomes yet.

Is this just me having a run of bad luck?

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3 gnomes in the last 5 minutes; maybe my luck is turning.

Still though: 3 for an hour of grinding: not feeling boosted to me?

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basically had the same happen. and “all of a sudden” they arrived. as if someone manually turned them on around 2h late…

Dearth of verse gnomes here :frowning:

Gnomes seem to be not turned on & the NERF of GaPs is in full swing. 1 of our members only averaged 10vks per palooza

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How many vault keys is the expected amount per gap?

About what one would expect to see (give or take some margin of natural fluctuation and not particularly large sample size).
Originally, I didn’t really plan on doing paloozas this weekend - simple good old gnome counting was the thing on my mind - but made one for the science nontheless - 22 ordinary/4 epic vault keys (yep, looks about normal).