Updated Key Drop rates for (nerfed) Gnome-A-Palooza

I have been keeping track of gnomes defeated, keys dropped & what type dropped ever since they nerfed the resources gnomes drop during a Gnome-A-Palooza.
I have filtered out band gnomes & cursed gnomes (once they were fixed to not drop keys). It’s really not that many. This is purely gnomes that can drop a key.
Total Gnomes defeated: 16260. That’s 4065 battles total. (Again the number of battles is actually greater when you add in the band & cursed gnomes)
Total Keys dropped: 1321 (1213 vault, 108 epic).
Total Key Drop Rate: .081 %.
Epic Key Drop Rate: .089 %.
So, the key drop rate is NOT 10%, but 8% instead. The Epic Key drop rate of 8% seems to be accurate.
Which means I’ve been shorted about 174 Vault keys & 25 Epic Keys.
I am curious to see if anyone else has documented an equal number of battles (4k+) and what their numbers are, respectively.

Seems like normal margin of error.

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I’ve got 350/470 on the tracker. This should be 22675 gnomes. Including curse/verse. Ive gotten 1617 normal keys and 187 epic keys.

Total keys 1804
1804/22675 = 7.96%
187/1804= 10.3%

Only the curse/verse gnomes should be taken off, but realistically that’s not many of em