Are tasks gonna go away on ps4/xbox?


I mainly play on ps4… but I’ve got a pc account at 18 to check out the future of the game… and that account doesn’t get the 4 tasks (not guild tasks…)


While I can’t say for certain about what the devs will do in the future, I am pretty sure that the mobile/pc version has never had the tasks in any iteration. It’s a console thing, specifically.


Oh wow. I never knew that.


hmm ok thought it might be sumthin removed in a patch… I wonder if we are meant to eventually catch up to pc or just forever be behind… although it is kinda neat to know what is ahead.


Most console games never quite catch up to games that are regularly updated. How close they are in comparison depends on the team, but no matter how good they are they still have to submit their updates to microsoft/sony for approval. I can’t say for Microsoft, but sony’s approval process generally takes 2+ weeks if there are no problems. I will say that the approval time is much better than it used to be, but it still leaves a lot to be desired.


In fact, we quite like the daily tasks on consoles… it’s something we’re considering adding to the Mobile/PC version in a future update (won’t be in time for 109 though).


Hum… PC player here, can someone tell me what kind of daily task we are talking about?
And what are the rewards too _


I think the pc/mobile players would like them, though I also think that they should be done a bit better than on the console version. There are a lot of mistakes with the wording on ours that confuse players, and also some reward massively for minor effort, while some reward minorly for a decent amount of effort. Though don’t get me wrong; I do like them.

@Zelarith The tasks include things such as: Win * Invasions, win * revenge battles, Raise a kingdoms level, Level up a troop to 5/10/15, Obtain * treasure maps, Do * treasure maps, Donate 5k gold to guild, change your outfit, change your outfit to one that boosts exp, win a battle while using 3 of the same troop, win 7 battles in an arena(though it actually is just win 7 arena/pvp battles), win a battle while using * banner(though it’s actually while fighting someone using it instead), defeat * troops with your heros weapon(though it’s actually just defeat them with a hero in your team), make a purchase using glory, make a purchase using gems, use a magic key, etc.

As for the rewards it’s gems, gold, glory, and souls. The amount differs for each specific task. And sorry for the wall of text lol.

Edit: There are 4 tasks up at one time. Our top task cycles daily if it’s not been finished yet, but the others do not. Each line of tasks can only be certain things, meaning that the top line can’t have tasks that will fall into the bottom one, etc.


yea some are incorrectly worded, some are minor others are down right confusing… win a battle with broken spire banner actually means against it… a few are a little too much I think… win 20 invasions could be dropped to 10 and still be very time consuming for a first slot task…


please do add it to pc and mobile. i would support it


I’ve had the top task be “win x invasions” while my bottom task is “win 40 (actually 20) invasions”.
The fun ones are “Raise a troop to level 15” as one task, and “Raise a town level” as another. 2fer:D


The best are the ones for changing Armors, 3000-4000 Gold and they sometimes recycle. Yesterday I had “Equip an armor with a bonus to Souls” recycle 3 times and made 12000 Gold in 15 seconds.


Yeah the win 20 invasions is a top line task. It can only be in the top line. The win 40 invasions is a bottom line task, and can only be in the bottom line. You can have them both at the same time, but they are seperate tasks.

Although the win 40 invasions for me is actually 40. Some of the tasks given out earlier on differ, but the final ones are like that.


I’d say most are incorrectly worded, to such an extend that i wonder if the people who made them have ever bothered to look at them.

‘Win 7 arena matches’ can be completed with invasions or defends also…
the same for win 8 arena matches.

‘win a batlle using the banner from this or that region’, does not mean you have to use the banner… it just means you have to complete any batte in that region.

Complete 40 invasions, actually says win 20 invasions when you expand the text, but then does counts to 40…

‘defeat 8 enemies with your heroes weapon’ can be completed without your hero, without his wepon, and by just killing all 4 enemies in 2 battles with any team.

win 5 defences, just counts to 3.

It’s just pathetic.


It does make the game look bad in all fairness, and is frustrating when you are a new player and haven’t figured them out. It gives the game the sort of feel you get from badly translated Japanese titles.

Also the collect 200 souls from any source, with an explanation of all the ways you can get souls… Although it doesn’t count any of those ways except for the unmodified soul amount you get from battles. (Not sure if valkyrie helps on that one, but armor doesn’t)


The only way I get Souls for that Task is by killing Troops. 1 for each means 50 battles for a reward I can’t remember, but I know for a fact is not worth it for fighting 50 battles (I think it’s something like 3 Gems).