Arcane Shield Traitstone


This is probably a very useless post. I am certain this information is readily available somewhere, but I cannot for the life of me find it.

How does one go about effectively farming for an Arcane Shield Traitstone? What are the options? Can you just ramp up the difficulty and run Broken Spire Challenges? Any advice would be appreciated. I am just trying to get a single one for the 3rd Templar trait, but no luck yet.


It’s really hit or miss, I remember trying to farm Adana to get one Arcane Storm stone to drop to unlock Water Link for the Valkyrie. It took FOREVER to finally get it to drop, was playing the challenges off and on for days! And wouldn’t you know it, the weapon package this week featured two arcane storm stones! Urgh…


I’ve yet to find any effective way to farm the Arcane Traitstones. Keep pounding on missions.

I think the drop rate is around 1%, just from the number of battles I’ve had to fight to get one. I cleared all of Darkstones challenges last night and received 0 Arcane stones. I then farmed the first mission around 30 times.

Unless there are other methods coming to earn the stones, the drop rate needs to rise. Players should not be spending 4+ hours to farm 1 stone, when 8 are often needed.


There are a few things you can do:

  • Set Broken Spire as your home Kingdom so Revenges have the right drop
  • Choose Invades into Broken Spire so these Invades have the right drop
  • Grind Broken Spire challenges - I wouldn’t up the difficulty to be honest, since the difficulty only slightly increases the chance to drop any Traitstone, not the chance of an Arcane stone specifically. I’d be aiming to complete more easy battles than fewer hard ones with a slightly bigger chance of a drop.
  • Hope the next weekly event features Arcane Shield stones :stuck_out_tongue:


There is no effective way. Its unfortunate.


Even so, thank you for the suggestions, you all. I will eventually be successful in this quest.

In the meantime…


Wait for a Broken Spire event. :older_man:


Honestly… after attempting to farm challenges, I concluded that it is more viable to just farm for PvP glory and wait for the weekly packs. It’s more Gold, and much much less frustration.


Agreed… Spent ages farming Ghulvania for a red/purple stone… Got one in about a week of grinding… Then got two from opening glory keys…


But their drop rates is still to low. And not just that, there are so many different types of them which makes things even more ridiculous. I gained more celestial stones drops then arcane. .


Me too…

…still early days, I think…


Is it possible to obtain Arcane from Glory? I thought that Arcane were only available in Gem keys.


Maybe I meant Gem keys… don’t recall! More likely you are correct…


Glory keys can get Arcane Traitstones, it’s the same chance as an Epic troop I think. So not great, and you’ve got 21 to randomize from. WTB any changes to this system…


The game screen says:

  • Glory: Major and Runic
  • Gems: Runic & Arcane
  • Event: Celestial


  • Gold keys are minor and major ONLY
  • Glory keys are major+
  • Gem keys are runic+
  • Event keys are celestial only?


Event keys offer other traitstones as well. For example, a small chance for the kingdom of the week’s traitstone.

Celestial’s just advertised as a possible outcome. (Read: “Other valuable items!”)


I would combine it with the Arena. Need brown and blue traitstones? Always go with the Arena.


I can confirm that arcane can be get from glory keys. Got 1 yesterday :slightly_smiling:


Nice! Well, no luck here, yet. Still working on it.