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Arachnaean Weaver Week Two

Just letting the devs know this matter isn’t resolved by a long a long shot. Ignoring it won’t make it go away either.

It will, however, make your players and revenue go away though so if that’s your choice then good luck with that.

It’s difficult enough to be a video game company. Y’all are choosing to do it unnecessarily on super hard mode based on some of the bone head moves y’all make. It’s impressive you’ve made it this long.


Don’t forget about how they needed a bailout by 505. There is no company on this planet with 250+ million dollars in sales, selling for 5 million if they were competent. It was a bailout to protect what they already had invested.

They sold years ago before they were making millions. It just wasn’t official until this past year.

Again, please devs compensate the players who didn’t get AW not knowing it wasn’t possible to get it.
You know, that a lot of players from one country will leave this game anyway and you won’t get any new younger players from this country.
Do you really want to loose a lot more players, because of this issue?