Weavergate Protest: Do not login on Monday

It is clear many in the community are upset about the arachnean weaver debacle #weavergate, with good reason. It may have been working as intended, but not working as advertised. The devs even seemed to be unaware of how it worked. The response to all of this is unsatisfactory. This is not the first debacle for this game, and it will not be the last. If players, unhappy as they are, just accept this response, then this treatment of the community will continue in the future. Would it really have been hard or affected their bottom line if they just apologized and did something like send an arachnean weaver to each affected player? I think not.

I propose the community stage a protest. This coming Monday, October 25th, I propose the entire community not log in for the entire day. Of course, there are other forms of protest such as closing ones wallet and not spending on the game. However, this will send a strong and immediate message that it is not okay to treat the community so poorly.

edit: Mobile games thrive on creating habitual behavior and do so by having daily rewards, events, and login bonuses. Keeping players logging in daily is tremendously important to mobile games. If a player shows they can go a day without logging in, that shows the habitual behavior can be broken, which can result in loss of interest by players and players moving on to other games. This protest may be more impactful than some may think. I would like to encourage people to participate and not be pessimistic. We won’t really know if it will have an impact unless we try. The impact may not be visible or known, but I believe it can have an impact if people participate. I won’t argue which form of protest is the best, and if you want to protest in other ways, please do so. I like this game and want to see it go in a more positive direction that it is currently going in.

I hate to be this guy, but this absolutely won’t work. Even if everyone on the forum agreed with you (not everyone does), they wouldn’t all do it, and even if they all did, it wouldn’t make a dent. Even if all our guilds didn’t play for a day, it wouldn’t make a dent.

The language here is cash, not time. They don’t care if we play every day or once a month. They want us to spend.


Not logging on is a far worse way to send a message than not spending money. Not logging on means almost nothing for them. They don’t get anything from you logging in. In fact, it costs them money when players do log in, because they’re paying for servers. But when you simultaneously log in AND you don’t view ads or spend money, that’s when you send a message, because that’s when you are using their resources but not paying for them.

And it sends a better message: we want to play the game, but we want you to care about it before we pay you for it.

So no, sorry, I won’t participate in a digital “walk out” of sorts. Instead, I vote with my wallet. Years ago I was spending upwards of $30 a month on this game, from the monthly Ring of Wonder to flash vault key offers and occasional other stuff.

Now I spend at most $10 on campaign, and that’s $10 every 11 weeks. Next campaign? I might skip the pass entirely.


Gems of Wars AW saga Sermon 2

And he will be held with the cords of his sin. Proverbs 5:22
Choke their wallet and by all means keep protesting and complaining and let your guild mates know on discord or chat just how disdainful the response has been. Maintain the rage. weavergate

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There are far better ways to send a message:

  • Write a review about how they have repeatedly left out the best prices from their loot boxes without telling and refused to refund purchases, give the lowest score.
  • Got a social account like Facebook? Link the summary, don’t forget to mention that Infinity Plus Two also runs Puzzle Quest 3, another loot box game where they might also short-change customers.
  • Make your guild aware that event chests were broken several times in the past, that spending any more money on the game is just begging to get cheated again.
  • Report them on your gaming platform for not adhering to loot box rules, point out that they only admitted to the inferior content after many players questioned the published odds, and that they refuse to refund.
  • If you recently purchased bundles that contained event keys or gems and used those to gamble on Arachnean Weaver, charge back the money. Contact support about it, ask them to remove any resources gained from the cancelled transaction.

Considering the fact that the vast majority of GoW players do not visit these forums, any “protest” any of you come up with here won’t matter at all to the developers or publisher.

Just face the facts, ever since patch 3.7 everything about this game has been about maximizing profit. Gameplay has taken a backseat on the list of priorities for the developers and the publisher (if it is even on the list at all). This has been pointed out and protested repeatedly on these forums. But the developers and publisher don’t care about what we say here, because the vast majority of GoW players never reads these comments on the forums, so any form of protest or backlash here won’t affect them at al…


I actually agree in some sense that coordinated action is more likely to be impactful and send a message. Another form is a forum post that gets an overwhelming amount of support, even if that means refining it until most can agree.

A sharp dent in spending would be sure to have an impact, but I guess my worry would be that it could be hard to track or pinpoint.


In addition to what’s been said, taking down Taransworld, Gemologica, Gary’s Discord bot, Hawx’ and Starlite’s guides, … until IP2 starts playing by the rules would probably have considerable impact on how much joy many people get out of the game.

I suspect players getting joy out of the game might not be something that IP2 cares much about, otherwise we wouldn’t even have all these forum threads. This would possibly just amount to repeatedly hitting ourselves with a brick to get IP2 to notice, then get angry at the brick for hurting us.

Now, if those sites would somehow alert players of the ongoing loot box issues? That could have considerably more impact.


what about a coordinated protest from all (or almost all) GMs?
i think we did sth in the past with the introduction of epic tasks

What is a protest going to do? The absolute only thing that matters is money here.

I remember that
Such a shame!!!