Arachnaean Weaver not being in Event Chests was 100% a bug

Ever since players were robbed out of Event Keys by chasing for Arachnaean Weaver despite it not being available in Event Chests. Bug, after bug, after bug has been released.
Saying “it’s not a bug, it’s a feature” is a cliche phrase at this point. But a strategy you 100% decided to employ when you realized how much of a blunder you had on your hands with Arachnaean Weaver.
At this point devs, can any of you blame your players for not trusting your words when you release untested product after product and only ever say “sorry, here are some gems”. Or, in a battle crasher bug that couldn’t be found for 24 hours. You compensated with 1 copy of a troop that the players should of been able to find 2 copies of that day had it been possible.

Quit being greedy, quit being stubborn, quit being unsympathetic, and quit being ignorant. The money you’ve saved from not properly fund a QA team. Or contracting your coding to the lowest bidder. Allows you to afford 10 copies of Arachnaean Weaver to every player. But all I’m asking for is 1 copy.

Because even if you don’t want admit that Arachnaean Weaver not being in Event chests was just another bug. You can at the very least try to win over some players hearts and minds by “rewarding” them with Arachnaean Weaver for just enduring all your mistakes and continuing to play.

There’s a difference between compensation, and competent. Because you’ve continued to charge for things as if your coding was competent when the opposite has been true. Your players (whether free to play or not) are entitled to compensation for it.

Help me, help you, by doing the right thing thing after producing a litany of wrongs. My apologies if my opinion is redundant at this point. I’m just trying to find the words to make you see the solution before you find yourself in real legal arbitration. Customers will only endure so much before they require assistance from lawyers or their government.


Correct! This is a major bug.