April fools' Day = 4.3 Release Day?

Or would that be too obvious?:wink:

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The “nerf” to Spoils of War is the real April fool’s joke to be implimented on April 1st.
Otherwise, though it doesn’t matter to me, it doesn’t make any sense otherwise. It’s like saying I am only allowed to do 3 LT a week before I hit my individual gold donation cap. 🤷

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Don’t give them ideas lol


For me the most foolish thing is the addition of common and rare troops in event chest. We’ll see how the drop chances for mythic and legendary troops will change, even when it was said that the odds will be better than now.


I think 1. April is much too sooooon, i hope we will get 4.3 until the end of this year, but time is running out…

They likely want end gamers to stop getting the new legendary troops when they are released so that more people will pay 50 USD for them. No non-mythic is worth 50, and if one happens to be, bet it’s getting nerfed anyway.

It’s likely. April 1st is the last piece of troop art on Taran’s world and usually updates include artwork uploads.

We can probably expect the Update 4.3 on 5th of April of 2019.
Nothing is set in stone, though.

It better not be the 1st. Some of the basic Holy Commandments of Community Management are Thou Shall Not Issue A Press Release On April 1st, and Thou Shall Not Push An Update On April 1st.

Ah yes, clearly there will be an update on April 1st. That is the point in time they will turn GoW into a Battle Royale game. Best of luck everyone!

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No matter when they release it, just please do that on the second half of any Sunday.
With the changes/implementation of potions, we can’t have that on any other day when almost everyone bought their shop packs for the running event.