New Mythic Troop Release Conjecture


So here’s my two sense on when the new mythic troop will likely be released, this coming changeover (Monday). I believe this because Sirrian said that there will be a new mythic troop each month and I think the most reasonable time during the month will be at the first changeover of each month (this Monday). This is purely conjecture and my opinion is my own but I would love to see what other people think on the matter, feel free to weigh in :wink:


Has war been out for a whole month or is it still early?


I think it might be wishful thinking, though the logic makes sense. My guess is that it will be the first change over of July.


On the off chance it is not this week I do believe it’ll be sometime this month, Sirrian said every month, I was just thinking it would be good to have a set time for them to come out and this made sense to me (however little it may have been)


True but 2.0 came out late May, so they might consider War to be June’s Mythic and start in July with the next one.


@killerman3333 I do suppose that you make a great point I hadn’t considered, war has only been out for a week and a half



This too makes sense


Under that circumstance it would be way too early to ponder on when the next troop is, however i wonder will the next troop be released every 4 weeks (28 days), 30 days or 31 days or at the start of the next calendar month or some other time frame. @Sirrian What is the time frame specifically for the horseman’s release?


I changed the OP title to reflect this as a place people can try to predict the release of the troop now that I believe that it may be a little more off


I’m still sticking with my “first change over in July” which would be the 4th of July (yay for the Americans I guess? :stuck_out_tongue: )


I’ll be at a cookout lol family tradition over here for the 4th


I estimate that the horseman will be released at the start of every calendar month. Would be nice to get the purple imp before we get the next horseman but what if they release the 4 horseman then on halloween the purple imp comes out.


I want to put in a vote at any Halloween themed troop be based on Freedy Kruger… 'Nuff Said


I support a more jason vorhees based character, however i want the purple imp to make mana or give mana so if freddy gives nightmares then maybe he can give mana too. Call his spell Nightmare Fuel.