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Apple took my precioussss'...?


iOS 9.3.4 iPad Air

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

Attempted to purchase Daily 15 X 10 Gems pack, initial attempt appeared to fail, so attempted again and the store updated to show my purchase/greyed out the buy option etc.

Received my invoice from Apple today which shows 2 X £3.99 charges completed on 10/08/2016

I.e. One gem pack received, but charged for two.

What are the steps to make it happen again?

The steps I recall as follows:

  1. Click icon to display product.
  2. Click ‘Purchase’ from presented window.

–I do not have automatic funding turned on (too many little people in house with tappy fingers, on shinny pop-ups!) and also set ‘require passcode on all purchases’–

:thinking: Ahh yes I think it was way back in 1999…yes I can still remember those free and easy days of yester-year when you could happily leave your ZX Spectrum where you left it on the table and be certain in the morning that not only would it be right where you left it (and Jam/Nutella/Dairylea free) but also on firing it back up you wouldn’t need to sell a kidney/take a second night job/talk to Timmy-2-Scoops for some ‘cash in hand work’, just to pay for Candy Crush power ups…:scream:

Back then of course you could get on a bus for £1, 10p mixes were real, and Uber meant a good thing…

Sorry I digress…

  1. Complete Apple prompt for login details.

From memory I think this is where it may have gotten tripped up;

  • I think that the Apple prompt took me out of Gems and onto the App Store to enter my password/account details etc to confirm the purchase.
  • Having submitted my details to Apple it ‘signed me in’ to the store and presented the ‘do you wish to buy xxxx £3.99’ prompt etc.
  • I clicked okay/confirm which closed the message, but on tabbing back into Gems I was back at the main store page, with the 10 X 15 bundle still showing as available.
  • I clicked again and this time it appeared to complete successfully.

So logically I would say that there is a disconnect somewhere in the purchase loop which doesn’t correctly account for jaded, cynical…a ‘progressive parent’ as it where…whom doesn’t like to leave their account logged in :grinning:
I.e. It must be picking up a ‘canceled/declined’ flag in Gems, despite already invoking the App Store process to complete the purchase.

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!

Yes… but I fail to see what you can remotely do to help with that? I mean I’m applying cream to the area twice a day and have avoided sticking it anywhere it’s not supposed to be…:thinking:

But my Apple issue:

Apple Order ID : MTH252FN3Y

Order Date : 10 Aug 2016

Happy to provide any other information as required / forward on a copy of the invoice etc.

In terms of recompense - please can you provide @pell a goat for the Tigerclaw guild so that we may parade it around at official guild meetings and charity events. Male goat preferred due to larger horns and usual bitter disposition, colour optional.

Thanking you.


While they cannot send you a goat, if you contact our support team ( https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new ) they will be able to help you out with this.

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He seemed really set on that goat, the description was quite specific.

They have goats in Australia @Nimhain? You might have to make an exception here.

Go ask Legal, with a straight face, “Can we send a disgruntled player a goat?” The reaction…


Hmmm playing hard ball…! Fine fine I shall seek guidance from these support champions, with haste (thank you :wink:)

Now about this goat…I have a little wiggle room…could we shake on an over fed mountain sheep instead :sheep::sheep::sheep:?


Here is your goat, mate.


Goat Simulator will work just fine for this. It costs $ on iOS, but you can play it free on Android thanks to Amazon. You really want to get that Michael Bay achievement, trust me.

How about goats in pajamas?


I feel @PowerPlay should neigh in on this subject.

That looks like a cat, or does my cat look like a goat.

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