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A friend of mine (vip 7) lost his account and can't help him

The technically is somewhat limited and does not know much about accounts or passwords and I do not know how to help him.

Change his apple account and don’t remember old accound password.

We only know his email account but not the game password neither the email one.


Please tell him to contact our support so we can help him retrieve his missing account. :slight_smile:

How? in in the support web he needs to put info the doesn’t know… I’m trying to help him but don’t know how…

I created a request (65952).


Does being VIP get you better support options?

No. Gems of War players are all treated equally whether they are VIP or not.

Just kidding, of course it does.

I had a friend that locked themselves out of an Iphone once. It was a pain to get Apple to help out. Those things have the best security ever, even when it works against the owner.