Anyone wanna join my guild on X1/mobile? Happy to have new members! :)


X1: I started this guild when the game came out for X1. I currently have no members, but i have all masteries in lv 1, and i am very active there. Clan itself is nearly in level 3. Im level 54, and the clan name is “the dark passengers”. (Inspiration from the tv series “dexter”.) i have gained 201 trophies all by myself, and im ranked at 2714 atm. I have 60k gold and ready to contribute when someone joins!

Ipad/mobile: This clan has more members, and afew are very active. Clan name here is also “the dark passengers”. Clan is almost level 3, and all masteries are at lv 1 except yellow. We are ranked at 3260 with a total collected 527 trophies.

Please reply with your invite code and whether you play on console/mobile and ill send over an invite to you ASAP! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to some new members.

All the best

Don’t make 2 same posts please, it’s spamming.

Well, they’re related to each sub forum, just trying to get the most members to see the posts. Im sure the mods can tell me if they have any issiues.

Be sure they will, especially since you posted in “Gameplay chat (Mobile / PC)” while you are playing on Xbox One. Justify this…?

True no problem. Posted it there before i found the other sub forums, and forgot to delete it.

First of all if you actually saw my other thread, i play om mobile too… Nevertheless, i posted the thread i “gameplay” because i didn’t know there was sub forums. And forgot to delete it. I don’t need to justificate anything to you.

Correct. I will delete it from here, when i have the possibility to make a thread in clan recruitment for x1. Then there will be one in each guild sub forum, and i will remove this one.

I don’t need to justificate anything to you.

Aaaaaand you just did.

Well, sorry, I expected you to be trolling when I saw no less than 3 posts and didn’t pay much attention.

Nevertheless, you should probably remove one post and have the other 2 in the “Guild Recruitment” sub forums of the 2 platforms you are playing on.

Besides, I would divide the informations about the guild on each platform in each posts, with only links to the other thread if you want to promote the fact that you are on two platforms, but that is only my opinion.

Zelarith I agree with your opinion.

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I did explain the threads and why, but i didn’t have to justificate anything. Just stated that i was not spamming, nor trolling.

And like i have said i will remove this thread when i have the possibility to make this thread on the X1 clan sub forum.

Also, your opinion will be taken to consideration.

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I think you can move it from on sub forum to the other yourself by clicking the “edit pen” that should be accessible for you next to the title.

I guess it’s still not too late to give you a proper “welcome to the forum” :slight_smile:

Good luck with your guild !

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That’s cool, i’ll try that. Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Seems that this thread now is in both the pc/mobile and X1 guild sub forum. Gonna delete this one then.

Aha someone moved it, not gonna delete it then.

Everyone callllllllm down :slightly_smiling: It’s only a game…sigh. 90% of the reason I stopped coming on here and posting daily is because of the arguing and name calling. Can’t we just all get along, no, seriously though, can’t we?

It’s just a game?? That’s what i thought. Until someone called it spamming making 1 posts in 3 different sub forums. When i play on different consoles. I don’t find that to be spamming. But we are all different and have different opinions…

Apparantly that was not to everyones liking. I was merely stating that i don’t find it to be spamming. And regarding the other guy, he already said sorry (he originally thought i was trolling for some reason). So it’s all cool he just misunderstood. No biggie.

I would hardly say this was a heated argument that needs calming, especially compared to many other HC forums out there.

Regardsless sapphira, you have an active ipad/mobile guild? Id happily join that one with a few other (quite active) members.

All the best


Just patronizing you :slightly_smiling:

Not sure what you meant by that haha, english is not my main language :slight_smile:

Just poking fun at you, you know, being a jerk hehe :slightly_smiling: You’re in the guild now so that’s all that matters! hehe

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Poking fun at me? Buuuhuu im going under my bed to cry alittle :frowning: I feel patronized :wink:


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