Anyone wanna join my guild on X1/mobile? Happy to have new members in the guild! :)


X1: I started this guild when the game came out for X1. I currently have no members, but i have all masteries in lv 1, and i am very active there. Clan itself is nearly in level 3. Im level 54, and the clan name is “the dark passengers”. (Inspiration from the tv series “dexter”.) i have gained 201 trophies all by myself, and im ranked at 2714 atm. I have 60k gold and ready to contribute when someone joins!

Ipad/mobile: This clan has more members, and afew are very active. Clan name here is also “the dark passengers”. Clan is almost level 3, and all masteries are at lv 1 except yellow. We are ranked at 3260 with a total collected 527 trophies.

Please reply with your invite code and whether you play on console/mobile and ill send over an invite to you ASAP! :slightly_smiling:

Looking forward to some new members.

All the best