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Any way to avoid getting duplicates of Mythics that you already have?

Every time a mythic drops after spending all my keys, it is a mythic that I already have. that if one drops and you know how it is rare and difficult to get one.
My last 10 or more Mythics, I am getting the same mythics that I already have even though I am missing more than half of the mythics in this game… Any tips to solve this issue.

Simple answer: No.

Less than 12 hours ago one player in global chat channel 2 on PC/Mobile Found 9 Mythic troops. 7 of them were Unique. 1/3 were all The Gray King. 🤦

At the time of this post. I believe there’s 63 Mythic Troops Available in Chests. (Or at least supposed to be)

You can craft them in Soulforge by waiting for them to rotate in. There are also three $50 “packs” that will give you a unique mythic (one you don’t own): Growth Pack II, Path to Glory II, and Path to Power II. But the only good one is Growth Pack II, the others suck (although now that they are guaranteed unique mythics, they’re not as bad).

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The other thing to keep in mind (if you Soulforge all past mythics you missed) is that your keys can be best spent on the new mythic release weeks. ONLY spend them on exclusive weeks, and you’re much more likely to avoid adding another unowned-mythic to your pile, and then it’s just a matter of making that pile smaller slowly over time by crafting mythics in the Forge.


This seems to be a conditional probability event based on nobody-knows-what. might be server or player time, cpu/gpu cycle, phase of solar activity, or whatever else. So, assuming probability of a particular mythic drop of 1/67 may be simply wrong.

Seriously, assuming independence and equal probability for each mythic, the probability of this particular event is not that bad at approximately 0.026% if I am not mistaken. The value seems low but more or less reasonable. A similar event may happen in approximately 26 out of 100,000 cases.

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Yeap, that’s what I did. Down to missing 2 kingdom mythics and War, while still keeping up with new releases. It takes a while though (like 1 a month and 1/2, if soulforge is lucky).

It appears you counted all the Mythics in the game currently. So your math is off. Not all the Mythic troops in the game are available in chests. Without spending too much time on it. I guessed and took 4 off the total mythics in the game.

My comment wasn’t in anyway stating how “improbable” it was that the player received that many of the same mythic. Just stating that it occurred.
But based on your own math. It’s more likely not to happen, than to happen. So it sucks for that player if I was to actually offer an opinion on the matter than just share the factual experience. 🤷

I mean I did give it a “🤦” because I felt for his or her frustration. I hope they laughed it off though.

If it’s any consolation to said player, at least The Gray King is one of the mythics where having multiple copies can actually be beneficial. :man_shrugging:

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Totally anecdotal but I pulled 2 TINA on one (small) pull (not event keys) once. Random is random that way, haha.