Beyond stupid getting the same Mythic 3 times!

**This is absolutely horrible! I got the same Mythic Troop 3 times in a row. **

I will never be convinced that there is a equal random number generator for getting cards from chests. I will also say that I’ve gotten lots of doubles on Legendary troops as well. So this is total crap and I’m really considering just giving up on this game that was kind of fun to play but when I’m short changed like this on getting Mythic’s (which is hard enough by it’s self) then playing becomes more of a chore than something fun to do.
So yeah, either this is a bug or intentional to weigh certain cards higher chance to draw from the chests.

Either way the end user is outta luck when trying so hard to get a decent mythic troop, because you force certain Mythic or legendary troops over the chance to get a different one.

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This is known to me. I had the same nightmare, when I have gotten three Phoenicia troops, when I only wanted one.

Call me stupid, but back then I did not know that you can get only the duplicates for the whole week.

First world problems… Or should I say, 3 world problems? :grinning:
PS… There’s only one mythic troop available right now. (Outside of Event chests and Tier Shops)

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Actually, it’s only two. The first one is necessary. :rofl:

Whenever a new Mythic is released, the chests will only drop that mythic for a week. So you were 100% guaranteed to get 3.


This is working as intended @Lagertha.

It has been this way for years not anything new.


You can’t be blamed for not knowing this, it’s not explained in the game. It’s explained in the official game guides, but I doubt many people even know about those.

See the “New Mythic releases” section here:


I’ll repeat what others said. This is how it has always worked. Whenever they release a new mythic, that is the only mythic you can possibly get from all keys (except event keys) for the next 7 days.

I actually like that it works this way. Before I knew about this, I would waste a lot of keys trying and pretty much failing to get a mythic. Now what I do is save a lot of keys specifically for mythic week (I’ve gotten at least 7 different mythics this way) and only spend the occasional glory keys/guild keys during non-mythic weeks. Between that, smart use of event keys, the soul forge, and the occasional luck from raid/invasion shops, I now have a substantial number of mythic troops.

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We all had to find out at about new Mythic releases at some point…welcome to the other side, I guess.

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What lvl u on?:joy:

Not to be That Guy but it’s clearly spelled out in the announcement popup that this is the only Mythic available in most chests this week. It’s great that you got 3, but yeah… gotta read a little more closely. Wait until next Friday to start Mythic hunting if you don’t want a bunch of Aquaticii.

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“Clearly spelled out” may be a slight exaggeration. It could be interpreted (especially by newer players) as a description of what chests you can find the new mythic in.


@Maxx show him your 5 Aquatici

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Like others have said when a new mythic is released it is the only mythic in seals, glory, gem, and VIP chests for an entire week. Whenever you get the newly released mythic don’t spend anymore keys until the following Friday after reset when all the other mythics are added back into keys.

3 isn’t too bad. At least you can use them all on a team. I can’t with 5 of them.

You were so preoccupied with whether or not you could, you didn’t stop to think if you should.

Pretty sure the consequences of an all-Aquaticus team would be only slightly better than Jurassic Park’s,