Is this normal?

I have been playing for 10 months now and have only won 2 Mythics. Does this seem low or is this pretty much the way it goes? During the last Mythic week I spent around 30,000 Glory and 900 Gems and a few handfuls of Event Keys. I ended up with a couple Legendary Troops and no Mythic. This is really starting to get boring.

To have ok chance of pulling a mythic you need to open around 1000 gem keys or around 10000 glory keys. That doesn’t mean you’ll get it, but that is an average drop rate.
And for that last one you opened 100 gem keys and 1500 glory keys, so yes, very low chance of pulling a mythic with that.

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It’s impossible to tell.

There are no pity timers in the game. You may see someone like me say a player can average a mythic per month, but that rate makes the following assumptions:

  • The player is in a guild that gets at least 1 LT per week.
  • The player’s guild always reaches 40k seals.
  • The player’s guild gets all reward tiers in all guild events.
  • The player gets all reward tiers in all individual events.
  • The player has 4 mythic copies of the commons dropped by the guild chests.
  • The player collects Tribute 8-10 times daily.
  • The player plays and beats all 3 daily Dungeons.
  • The player spends 50 gems to get the Sunday diamond offer.

Mythics have a chance to drop from opening keys. If you meet ALL of the above criteria you have about a 75% expectation of getting the new mythic that releases every month. If you are missing any of the above criteria, you are getting fewer keys and your chances drop dramatically. Similarly, if you play the dungeon as above it takes a bit shy of 2 months to get a mythic from Soulforge, so add the two probabilities together and you can get slightly more than 1 mythic/month.

So you’re “behind” that measure, but are you in a guild that meets all the above criteria? If not, you’re not getting as many keys as other people therefore your chances are a lot lower. Roughly 10% lower per 100 gem keys you aren’t getting.

I had quite a few mythics at the 10 month mark, but I got into a very active guild after about 4 months. Up to that point I only had 1, and that’s within reason to believe I might’ve hit 10 months with only 2.


I guess I am playing the wrong game. I am not in a Guild and nor do I wish to join one. I feel dumb for spending money on a game that punishes me for not joining. I am new to the website and forum and didn’t know this was the case.

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You’re not punished for not joining a guild per se, however the rewards gained from joining one do outweigh ‘going it alone’.
Most of us who have been playing this game for years only do so due to our guildmates - it’s advisable to join one, not everyone within a guild is chatty & most (especially at lower levels) will just be happy of the extra contribution, personally I can’t see why you wouldn’t want to join one, but that’s your choice :+1:t2:

If I do not get the same chances as someone who is in a Guild then it is being punished for not joining. Call it rewarding someone in, but it is punishing someone who isn’t. I am sure I am not the only player out there like this. I just want to play and be left alone. No offense. I am thankful for the intel in this thread though.

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When I first started playing the game, I didn’t want to join a guild either. I generally like soloing any game that I play. However, you really do need to get in a good guild if you want to get enough resources to progress consistently. Keep in mind that guilds in this game aren’t really like the ones you find in MMOs. You don’t really have to be social or have to meet up at certain times of day to do raids together as a group.

That said, any good guild here will have some form of requirements. The good thing is that you can find a wide range of casual > semi-casual > hardcore guilds. So, you can pick one that fits your play style and time constraints.

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You get more keys from a guild yes, but in terms of actual chances of pulling a mythic the rng % does not change. So no, it’s not as simple as being punished for not being in a guild. You could always start your own, set recruitment to invite only & never invite anyone - that at least would give you access to guild chests & guild events to further improve your resources?

Isn’t this the same with almost everything in life? It is always harder to go solo than to do things as a team.
And when you are in a guild, you contribute. If you are in a guild, get the reward and still playing solo, chances are it not a good guild / you are going to be kicked soon enough

I am not 100% sure till the Dev admit that but apparently every player get served a permanent RNG when they start. So if it’s bad it’ll be that way till you quit.
Look at the forum thread (new mythic approaching) the same lucky ppl throughout all new mythic. It’s rare when you see them spend more. Now tell me that RNG is not permanent and apparently the devs do nerf things behind the scenes

Some people show a lot more certainty about the game than is warranted. RNG gonna RNG, and while the seed may be individual (I can’t confirm that it isn’t), the RNG has passed plenty of tests to show that on long time scales it doesn’t matter what the seed is. In other words, it is sufficiently random.

If the OP doesn’t want to join a guild, then the OP should not expect to acquire troops at very high rates. The game rewards players a ton for being in a semi-active guild, so of course going solo will result in fewer of the ultra-rare troops. That may mean Gems of War isn’t the game for this person. There’s no shame in that. I enjoy the heck out of this game, but it’s okay if others don’t.


Point of note as to whether that is “punishment” or not:

In the end it doesn’t matter if you agree with the word. It is true that people get more rewards for being in a guild. You don’t like the word “punishment” because you think being in a guild is a fun or at least not a bad thing. But here’s exactly the same scenario put a different way, see if you think it’s “not a punishment”:

“As you all know, the company restrooms have toilet paper. I get that it’s rough and scratchy but toilet paper isn’t cheap. You can purchase better toilet paper from me for $5 per roll. If enough people don’t buy it, I’m going to lock the bathrooms. Oh, also, Grundulum attended my birthday party so he gets a free soft roll per week. Thank you, Grundulum.”

Punishment, or reward?

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Sometimes I don’t understand your analogies. I think I’m a good guy in the hospitality metaphor you presented, so I’m okay with it? I totally approve of ukeleles, though, so you got that right! :+1:

Edit: curses. You went with toilet paper instead of ukeleles while I was typing up my response.

(I switched to a potty analogy, my true calling, so now the ukulele comment doesn’t make sense :p)

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How do you have authority to lock the company bathrooms? :thinking:

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Hahahaha @Voq :joy:

@ColossalBalls what platform do you play on? I know of a very casual guild on Xbox where socializing is not required (in fact, at the moment, there are no requirements at all besides logging in to remain active!).

It’s within the top 150 ranked guilds and so has all but two guild statues to Level 100–that means extra glory when you PVP, extra experience and souls, and even extra turns on your treasure maps (if that matters to you :joy:).

I also know for a fact that next week at least one player is planning to contribute 100k gold to the group, so there are at least some weekly benefits to joining (though, of course, they pale in comparison to the guilds @Slypenslyde outlines above. Guilds like that almost always expect communication—and if they don’t, they probably only don’t because your contributions have to be enormous to make up for the lack of talking).

Anyway—the guild is Les détestables, and it’s open invite. Pop in, and you can enjoy the benefits at no cost to you (besides logging in!) :slightly_smiling_face:

I think one of the unique aspects of playing video games is that you can experience situations that might be different to ordinary life!

That’s the way love goes buddy

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