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Any tips or tools to find specific units?

Hello all,

I’ve picked up the game recently, and I was wondering if any of you had specific tips or any online tool to suggest to find specific troops regarding their abilities.

For instance, let’s say I was looking a unit in my collection that could Create OR Convert gems to Yellow.
I know there’s a filter in the Troops menu allowing to either filter out units that have the “Create Gems” / “Convert Gems” ability (but not both), BUT I can’t specify the color I’m looking for.

And as far as I know, the (otherwise great) gowdb.com collection doesn’t list the abilities of troops.

Is there anything I’m missing ? Do you know of something else ?

Any other suggestions of online ressources / useful websites / guides for beginners (lvl 130 currently) will also be appreciated.

Thank you

Use the text search feature. So choose “Convert Gems” as your spell effect, and then type “to yellow” in the text field. This may generate a few false positives sometimes, but it should narrow the results substantially.