Searching by troop ability

Hello all,
I used to be able to search by troop ability like ‘Drain Mana’ but I can’t seem to find this anymore. I can type it into the search window but the results are too many troops and not specific to what I’m looking for. The older versions had search by ability. Is this still possible and I’m not finding it? Any help is appreciated.

I was thinking the same, I have assumed this function is no longer available as I can’t find it anymore either. I would definitely welcome it’s return, as this was very useful.

Sorry to bump this but can anyone offer any advice or searching for specific abilities?

This is too many results??

Admittedly that number is going to go up like crazy at 3.3 since immunity to mana drain will also show.

Also why no spirit fox?

Just use ‘drain’ in the search criteria

It’s gone. The developers decided to completely removed a number of VERY useful features from the filter menu, possibly to make it easier on Mobile and more purposely cumbersome on other platforms (ie console).

You can enter it in the text field and get ‘similar’ results.

Here are few of the things the developers removed from the filter months ago when moving PC to Unity. You’ll see some silliness in the comments but its just a small handful of PC/Mobile players can’t grasp what huge step back the filter is because they ever had the good one in first place.


Spider Queen and Psion among several others is not showing with your filter hence it’s not working properly, thanks for helping me prove it.

Thanks everyone for your replies I hope this comes back soon.

Your beef isn’t with the fliter. It’s with the troop description. It’s not like Google, it’s more like Ask Jeeves. Meaning… It won’t know what you’re really trying to find. It will only find exactly what you tell it to find.

I agree with you completely. I just wish they would bring the original filter back. I’m not going to know the exact wording of every card and even if I think I do, I will not know if I’m missing a troop based on what I choose for filter type. The only reason I knew of the Spider Queen and Psion is because I’m using them in a team at the moment.


I can see where you are coming from, I believe it was likely removed for better interaction for console users, as it stands the drop downs are pretty cumbersome with a controller, I can only imagine how annoying it would be to scroll through a list of abilities.

Since I do not play on a console I did not consider that. I only play on PC and Iphone but I do the majority of team building and troop inspecting on the PC. I just use the iphone to play once I have everything sorted out and only need to switch teams based on what opposite team I’m facing. I did not realize they are trying to keep it the same for all platforms. I have played other games that were released for PC and Console and both versions while the same had their differences in programming and the PC version usually would have more capabilities.

That statement couldn’t be any farther from reality. The Unity filter went through almost two years of improvements and refinement on Console. A few months ago when they moved PC/Mobile to Unity the completely scraped lots of Quality of Life, functionality, and improvements from the filter.


As a console user i liked it. The menus were easier to use like pressing up to go to the bottom of the list and so on. I would also like to see a search by ability / trait or just better wording on the cards (and someway to exclude troop names, types so that Dragon slayer doesn’t bring up every dragon)

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it used to work with limited regular expression too. meaning you can search with wildcards like “gives \d armor”. when they remove that, they upgrade it with the previous long list of spell type and traits, which was good and useful although a bit long until they change it to the current version.

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