The search Filter is AMAZING!

Ok, for future reference in life: Just retyping the same incorrect information again does make it true. It simply show a unfamiliarity with the interface, or reading comprehension issue.

  1. Read this tread you posted in, read @SpecialRX comments
  2. Try to clear a SINGLE filter after a multi-filter search keeping the others in place with one button press
  3. Sort by Mana Generators (or any of the previous selectable abilities)
  4. With ONE action go from the top of the like All Kingdoms to Zhul’Kari without scrolling through all 30+ Kingdoms.
  5. With ONE action go from All Troops to Wildfolk without scrolling the entire list.
  6. Try to search for Impervious trait AND a spell ability like Destroy gems
  7. Change the filter while still viewing the troops
    These missing features bother me for the console Daily Tasks, other console players have noted other removed features, in this case removed is another way of saying that ‘functionality is not the same’.

While everyone can now search for two colors, which is nice and an improvement. As someone that used the previous version its hardly worth it considering all the functionality they removed. And I’m ignoring the poor/ugly UI in the 3.2 filter in the list above as a final negative. But big bright lime green buttons that are almost indistinguishable which one is selected are the new thing in UI deign I suppose.