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The search Filter is AMAZING!

I love how you can search certain colors. To me big improvement. Just flat out works better :slight_smile:

Good work Devs, keep it UP !!!


Definitely the one thing everyone agrees to like on the new version.


Too bad they removed search by traits


Technically they didn’t, just type the trait name in the search bar


And how is it suppose to be an improvement?


New players still have to know what to look for.

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I don’t know the names of all the spells and traits so having search function doesn’t help much.


I didn’t say it was an improvement. Just stating that you can still search for traits.

New players can easily get the trait names from existing cards.

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Go to troops, select allowned and unowned. Look at traits. Enjoy.

Same is true under the last version where they had to scroll through 100 ambiguously named traits


@Pantenkind im just saying this new UI was suppose to simplify the things. I agree the solution you offer is working but i need to do 3-4 more steps then i had to do in the old version.


But at least you didn’t have to know what they’re called.

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Not me. Only the 2 colours mana selection is an improvment. Before it was possible to scan kingdoms or races from A to Z or from Z to A. Not possible anymore. Also when you selected a kingdom and a race, if you wanted to reset filter only for one but not the other, before a simple press on “x” button worked. Now you must scan all the list! Example: You selected Zulkari and Undead filters and you want to keep Undead but reset zulkari, you must scan all the kingdom list from zulkari to reach the “all kingdoms” option.
All they needed to do was adding the 2 mana colours option to the old filter we had and it would have been perfect.
Just another awful change on the worst update ever released.


The search filter is exactly the same as the filter that was in place before version 3 was released, with the addition of the marginally beneficial troop type selector.

The pop-down menus have been returned and the sort by options have been put in their own pop-down menu rather than as a fully visible list.

But no new functionality has been added. You can’t sort any more specifically than you could before.

That statement is completely inaccurate, and demonstrates a lack of familiarity with what was in place prior to 3.2. As other players like @Truxton, @Rickygervais, have posted in this thread, and myself and others have commented elsewhere that the functionality that was removed be put back in. I have been using the various iterations of filter since launch (around 1-4x per day) to complete the Daily Tasks and the troop filter is an essential tool in team building.

Is it a ‘big deal’ compared to the other issues: no of course not. But erroneous statements like ‘exactly the same’ need to be corrected.


Oops. I figured out what ANY COLOR and ALL COLORS means when sorting by color. You can, for example, sort by all the troops that need Arcane Blade traitstones if you sort by ALL COLORS and choose blue and yellow. It was not the default choice so I did not find it until playing with it for a bit. Now THAT is an improvement. Probably the first thing I have found in the new update that I like.

Uhh, no. I don’t think you remember version 2.x.

I already found my one mistake. You can sort by two mana colors on the same card. Everything else you could do before version three. Some of it had to be done via the search window (your troop types) but you could do it.

Interface is different. Functionality, with the exception of the aforementioned color sort, is the same.

I absolutely do not find this new search filter improved. It’s exactly the opposite.


It’s not the same. On ps4 if you wanted to reset your text in a search category you pressed square, that no longer works. Another backwards step. It’s dogshite.

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Unfortunately, on console, it is not an improvement.

It is considerably worse than the previous iterations. Troop selection is a fundamental part of the game, and now that we can only see a handful of cards of the screen at once, (and the info presented on the cards is unreadable) we will have to rely on the filter function that bit more.

Which would be fine, if it wasn’t a total click-fest. Other people have explained it far better than I can, but enough of us have immediately recognised that it is a problem. @Strat, @Nephilim, @EmsDad15 @Truxton have already said as much in this thread and elsewhere.

Im slightly perturbed by a lack of clear response from the Devs - I understand its a minor niggle compared to some of the things they have on their plate, but for console users I suggest it is a fairly significant problem. I would dearly like to get some acknowledgment that it is an issue that will be looked at, or conversely something that says - ‘its working as intended, deal with it.’

I hate to bang on about something so trite, but the functionality is so, so poor that unless addressed, will undoubtedly push console customers away.