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Dumb Noob Question (Search Function)🐰

So, uh, hi. :sweat_smile:

I might play this game since almost a year now, but I still haven’t learned how to use the search function to search for only mono-color troops. I can easily use it to find a specific combination of two colors, but mono-colors? Nope, I’m too dumb.

Someone help, I’m trying to trait troops and I’m colorblind and it’s painful and takes a long time for me to spot them in the very-long-list of troops I have.

Thank you and may you all be hugged by bunnies!:rabbit:

There is no direct way for the colour filters to only show up monocoloured troops i think. Easiest way would probably be, activate the colour you want the monocolours of and put ‘common’ in as the search term. That obviously will permit other search words, but i think it is the most efficient way you can do it.
Anoher option is to just sort by base rarity and scroll down to the common troops. It is more inconvenient but allows search term filtering.


You can’t, AFAIK.

Well, other than by looking online at gowdb.com or somesuch. ;p


Thanks guys! Glad to know I am not totally stupid and was just unable to figure out the easiest things. I’ll try all the tips to see what works best for me then.:blush:

Select color desired. Go down once. Go right and select that.
Looks like
Color color color etc
All colors / any color (or vice versa)
And you’ll get mono color.
It in no way is intuitive as both indicate possibly ALL COLORS.

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@Gouki is right. Only common troops (incl. Guild Guardians) and Imps are single colored.
But, select the color you’re looking for and sort by Base Rarity if you’ve already ascended some, or type Imp for those as they are Legendary (though, you’ll see all impervious troops as well).

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Typing “common” in the search field and selecting only one color actually gave me only the mono-color-troops, so my issue was fully resolved. Still, it’s kinda stupid that it has to be done with a trick instead of offering the function by simply selecting only one color.

Theres no trick required. Do exactly as I put and you’ll get the desired results.
On X1 platform at least.

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Hey @Sheba, if you can hold out for 3.5, we’re adjusting the functionality of selecting a single colour in the filter when using the “All Colors” option, so it will only display mono coloured troops. Setting it to “Any Color” will continue to display any troop with that colour, even if it’s multi-coloured.

I should note that this only applies to mono-colours. Selecting multiple colours under the “All Colors” option will still display troops with 3 or more colours.

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I’m sure I can!:rofl: Thank you for adding this in to make it easily understandable how to get a mono-color search!:hugs: