Any suggestions for my team I'm trying to build?

i really like troops that explode gems and since i will never get gorgotha i decided to make a team using other gem exploders so far i was thinking

scale guard
poison master

not really sure what else to add for the 4th troop

Have you tried watcher?

If you want all exploders you could use barbearius for your 4th to get some actual damage in there, ragnagord if you just want more explosions.

With your current build, green slime or settite warrior would fill your mana spread and be potentially helpful.

I believe that this isn’t currently obtainable? Though we might get it next week or the week after.

Ahh my bad, I think you are right on that. Apologies.

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No worries! I don’t think the troop is that far off, so it’s still a valid suggestion, just needs mentioning that it might take a week or two till it’s available.

For color spread, Behemoth might work in there if you have him.

i really like the watcher and barbearius suggestions and while i like the ragnagord suggestion even more i dont have him as far as legendaries i have infernal king abhorath and borealis if anyone has more suggestions i would be happy to hear them