Any PC/Moblie happen to know the cost of leveling?

Hey figured id reach out to you who are all ready on 1.08 and ask…Dose anyone know off hand the amount of souls to train a troop from level 15 to 20

the rest i don’t care lol just wanna get my main team to 20 asap and trying to decide to disenchat my extra troops or save to assecned them…right now i could disenchant and get 14,000 souls…but thats alot of troops to behead for souls…

Btw yes i checked the wiki the leveling section reads blahblahblah LOL

If I am not mistaken…
Common : 2 090 souls
Rare : 2 400 souls
Ultra-rare : 2 750 souls
Epic : 3 100 souls
Legendary / Imp : 3 450 souls

Thanks uggg i kinda dont wanna disenchant my ards at this point reaching 40+ on some cards…guess its arena time thats like 23 wins to cover 13,450 id need for my 3 legendary and 1 epic team