Troop Level Up Suggestion

To level up a troop goes too slow for my opinion. There should be a cost reduction to level up, if a troop member managed to actually kill an enemy troop ( - 5 or -10 souls to level up next time, maybe even more when it has survived the battle).

I thought you were talking about the animation time of the Levelup process…

But no… once you play this game long enough… you’ll have so much soul you won’t know what to do with it. If anything I would wish the cost would be more instead of less.

If you want more soul, go try out Arena. That’s the fastest way to get soul in-game.

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You’re right. There are ways to collect more souls. I also didn’t realize, that I’ve also had a bunch of treasure maps in my inventory - which has also helped me a lot.

Is there actually a maximum level for a troop card ? That’s something I haven’t figured out yet.

Current cap is at level 15, but it seems that it will go up with the upcoming update of 1.0.8