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Any chance we console players could get an app that lets us collect gold?

pc/mobile players have the ability to collect their gold virtually anytime they have a free minute would be nice if we could do the same.

@Foresti @nex @Mr.Strange

Vita with Remote Play across the net.

That said, I would love a Vita version of this game (as unlikely as that is to happen) especially if you could link it with your ps4 version (like mobile and pc). The 2 seem like they’d be perfect (more so since I usually play via Remote Play like I am right now).

Unlikely I know but I can dream.

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i almost never have a good enough wifi connection to remote play unless im at home…

You can play xbox version on your pc using windows 10. Just need the ip address of the x-box.

ps4 can do the same… but i dont have my pc with me when im out…

I think there is an app for your phone that lets you use your pc from anywhere. Use phone to control your pc to control your xbox, ps4. What is this world coming to.

I admit that I’m going somewhat OT here, but it’s an honest question.

Does not collecting immediately change the amount collected when you DO get around to it?

As far as the gold from your kingdoms, yes. But each time you claim it you get all the percentage chances for the bonus tribute. So the more often you check, the more tribute bonuses you would get. This can privide a sizeable number of extra gems and keys.

Or you could…yknow…ditch console and play on mobile/stream…

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Or cross your fingers that one day they’ll all be synced.

There are some things that are better on the console plus I have just about everything in the game so I wouldn’t want to give it up

That said I do play the mobile version too since I don’t always have access. But grinding for everything a second time around isn’t much fun so I play more casually here while getting great and trophies for the guild since they get me keys.

There are people who don’t yet have smartphones. The tribute system is fundamentally designed to reward those who do (and can pull out their phone once an hour to log in), and I don’t know offhand how to resolve the obvious advantage that mobile users have.

Edit: one option might be to award a tribute chance for every three hours since the player last logged in, delivered via mail and with an eight-hour time limit. That would still benefit mobile users who like to sleep, but it would benefit PC and console players more.

Don’t try to dictate to others what they should do. Live and let live.

Did you mean steam? In this day and age everyone has access to a computer “in america in my part of the country” but not access to steam.