Any Adana Raid Boss Suggestions?

So kinda stuck at portal 6. I can go further but maybe not past portal 8. I am using Tesla, Marshall and Clockwork. Maybe replace clockwork with Tina? But, I lose extra armor for Tesla cast. I see no other troops that will do well. The new one might do something but… Kinda underwhelming imo. I guess it can feed into marshall. But… Then again I lose armor bonus from clockwork for Tesla. Marshall is only good against the boss. Or at least that is how I understand that troop. I am using Mountain Crusher for my weapon. And Sentinel for the class that is at level 98. Maybe wrong class? Only other class close is priest at around 70 or 80 lol. Most others are between 0 and 60 ish. Thought I would ask.

I use Wall of Oblivion with Sentinel, Tesla, Carlson Marshall and also Carnex for some mana generating.

I use Marshall - Apothecary - Thief/Life and Death - Clockwork sphinx.
Up in boss level 150+ without big problems (didn’t bought a lot of sigils this time).

Marshall kills Zhuul, Apothecary feeds and boosts Marshall, Life and death kills the other 3 enemies, Sphinx is as a filler and to prevent ravens from flying away.

Drill Shooter, Tina-9000, carlson, tesla (mechanist class) feels like the intended team. Still a long way from boss level 500 though, and having 2x tesla seems more right in the long run than the boss killer. Half of the suggestions I’ve seen don’t include the boss-killer.

Pretty weak godslayer if you ask me.

I’m using Ocean’s Protector, Carlson, Ted 1000 and Tankbot 2000, Adana class.
At level 200 now and still haven’t lost a game :wink:

Mountain Crusher with Titan, Clockwork, Tina, Tesla. Cast clockwork 2+ times and Tesla cleans up what Tina doesn’t kill… every now and again zuul casts but I can live with losing 1 troop bc he usually dies next turn

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Up to Boss Level 360 so far with This Team.

Hero/Mountain Crusher/Titan Class, Carlson Marshall, Tesla, Tina-9000 with Bear Banner

Two teslas the engineer guy who summons and adds armor and life and death. Titan class is boss I’m leveling Sentinel and still haven’t lost past level 100. Double teslas is key

Jar of eyes(titan class), 2x Tesla, Tina, trident banner.

For me it’s good old mang max sentinel class, Alchemist, Carlson and Tina. Need fast mana for carlson at high levels and Alchemist provides the required second cast for zuul kill boosted by additional yellow mana left over from cast. Lantern or guardian banner. Only real issue is dodging turn 1 empowered skull cast on enemy team.