Team Struggling this week

I know no body wants to give out a secret or anything. But this weeks tough for me, and i’m sure for a lot that actually don’t have a lot of mechs traited or even hero class traited yet. Been a real struggle to find a team against these bombbots and such, I finally got Tesla this morning and got 2, been trying with her a lot. Any suggestions?

Mercy (Empowered)
Tesla x 2

If you don’t have Mercy empowered then almost anything that will give speed to Tesla.


If you have Faunessa traited, it can be empowered and do damage equal to opponent’s attack, which can let you drop some armor off a bombot so it doesn’t boom too big. Other empowered nukers (Gobchomper, Lamia, Scale Guard) can help if you don’t have Faunessa.


Haven’t gone up against too many bombot teams this week, but I’ve been running this Tesla team with pretty decent results:

Northrender (*** optional)
Queen Ysabelle*** (all troops are Human, so the third trait adds 2 to Tesla’s damage per turn)
Tesla (** ideal, but I don’t have it myself yet)
Corrupt Sorceress (* is nice against Death Marks)

Currently using Kraken Banner, (+2 brown / +1 Blue / - 1 Purple) but Scale Banner (+1 Red / + 1 Blue) would work as well.

Main damage dealers are Tesla and QY (Casting on Northrender). Northrender is there to mostly spawn blue gems, and act as a high attack target for QY to cast on. His Chill Touch trait isn’t bad for when you match skulls. CS is mostly to spawn Red Gems and possibly backfill if Northrender dies. Though be a little careful as Anointed One can mana block Tesla if you’re not careful, though he can also create a bunch of red if you’re lucky. If you get Remnant instead of AO, then just cast him and hope for Attack boosts so you can use QY on him.

Overall this isn’t a super fast team, but seems reasonably robust, and will probably serve ok in PVP even after this event is done.


“Loopy Monk Krak”

Monk, Kraken, Giant Spider, Valk

Banner of Scales

Focus 3 browns should get the monk up to barrier on 2nd turn then just loop through and kill :slight_smile:


Thanks guys, been a tough week and been trying all of these ideas!!!