Anonymous lvl 2.000

Maybe Match Masters have already been there for a while, but I wanted to seize the opportunity this new milestone represents to congratulate once again all our members.

Thank you to the veterans who have held on through the good and the bad times, to the newcomers who are doing so great and to the former members who contributed to make the guild what it is today.


Congratulations on reaching the milestone @Aelthwyn, and to the rest of the members in Anonymous.

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Well done! :slight_smile:

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Congrats on level 2,000!

Out of curiosity, what mana bonuses do you have at level 2,000?

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180 in all masteries.


Nice! An example of great teamwork!

Great work, @Aelthwyn! Congrats to you and all the members of Anonymous.

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Thanks. Part of that great work is yours. :slight_smile:

Quite the achievement, congratz on the milestone!

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