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Animated Mini Game - Guild Mega Boss

Any guild can access, instead it’s the members activity that decides (explained below)

It’s animated (view pic), you will see your 4 cards animated like a live goblin, maw, etc and the big boss effects (Read P.S. @ the end)

Important info:

  • Each guild member must have at least 100 trophies to access individually the mini game

  • Boss has at trophy reset X hp & X armor, where X is a high number , the armor will NEVER increase

  • Boss gains Y hp every hour starting when trophies resets (like 100 life ?)

  • Cap damage on boss per move is 100 damage (skull or cast … this is to counter cards that are boosted by boss HP or boss armor or even itself like Rowanne (boosted by its armor) + Golden Cog hero (double an Ally’s armor), etc

  • Boss is immune to Devour & Death Mark

  • Boss is immune to Bullseye & assassinate trait & any other traits with “lethal dmg” (lethal skull or cast damage)

  • You may Retreat at any time during your turn (you lost your nuker cards and your left crippled and you want to retreat)

  • When a player gets wiped or retreats from the mega boss he/she must wait 15 mins to re-enter… Go do some PvP :wink:

  • The guild will receive massive bonus trophies for defeating the mega boss (100%) OR to help out everyone, you will get a partial reward (40%,50%, etc) for how much HP you took out from boss by the end of the week.

  • Guild ranking rewards would be ideal for mega boss to make sense.

How it plays out ?

Only you the player will have a puzzle board. The boss gains 5 hp on turn 1 & 2, 4 & 5, etc with no attack (The boss will do a massive AoE attack & random status effects BOOSTED BY HIS ARMOR on turn 3 , turn 6, turn 9, etc THIS IS BECAUSE TRUE DAMAGE WOULD BE TO STRONG, basically if you don’t use ways to reduce his armor with like regular damage or armor reduction you will be wiped out guaranteed on turn 3)

Also just to clarify If the player gets an extra turn for 4-5 gem matches it only counts as 1 turn

The puzzle board appears when it’s the players turn but disappears when it’s the boss turn… Also every time the player does skull dmg (we see the first card to the left attack animated) or cast a spell, the board disappears so we can see the animation. (Optional)

P.S. If it’s too much work I would be alright with keeping the current animations and show the boss on the puzzle board but keep it that the player is the only one using the board to attack.


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