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Mega Boss Battles

The idea is to have Dungeons (of varying difficulty, unlocked by beating the previous Dungeon) with Floors (levels). Each Floor is a battle against a Team (of 1 to 4 Troops) of fully-Traited Troops starting with 9999 Life and Armor. Each Guild member gets 2 attempts a day to fight this battle, with the damage done carrying over until the enemy Team is finally defeated. Damage dealt

  • Each Floor gives a small reward (say 5-10 Gold Keys for the 1st Floor and 10-20 Gem Keys for the final Floor)
  • Each Dungeon fully defeated gives a larger reward
  • Rewards can be multiplied by finishing in time limits
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The devs mentioned something a while back about mega boss battles in another similar thread.

It mentioned how one thing they may do with it is have one mega boss split into 4 body parts, such as a head, body, claws, and tail. This 4 body part system could be used for any mega boss-like creature to give it a diverse range of abilities.

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Yep, we like this idea… And the four parts would share one (huge) life total, can’t be killed separately…

@TaliaParks cool idea getting the guild to fight it together… But… Say I get only two attempts a day to fight mega boss - well I can destroy the whole thing in just one match using a chain combo deck… Would take ages but mega boss can’t kill me, no matter how strong it is, if it doesn’t get a turn…

Solutions to this?

Could do…

  • game ends once certain damage limit reached for each guild member (so it can only be beaten if all members play well)
  • match has a timer (minutes) or turn limit (all turns including extra turns)
  • mega boss has a trait that either (1) prevents player getting extra turns (too strong?) or (2) deals damage when player gets extra turns

Other ideas or worries? @Shimrra @Tacet thoughts?

I think this way is the best mentioned.

All of these constraints would probably feel really lame to play against.

What about… difficulty (stats?) and rewards scaling off of… guild level? Nothing else does…

I like the idea personally as that means higher guilds would have higher difficulty right? By extension lowwer level guilds would have an easier time. This means that lower guilds would be more desirable to play in even though the rewards would scale with difficulty.

What if you do hit the damage cap of the boss can you get a reward for doing your part and then if the boss gets killed it gives that guild a huge guild only reward. Lets say every week we get say a raid boss that is the glory award troop of the week or a random boss whose spell is the same as that weeks weapon. We the player hit the damage cap. The player gets maybe if they are in a low level guild they get maybe 50 souls, 100 gold, and 10 glory. Then if the guild manages to kill the raid boss a mail is sent out that contains for that guild; 5000 souls 10000 gold and 100 glory to each player that participated. All awards are sent during the weekly reset for pvp except for personal awards. As for number of times you can fight the raid boss i think once you reach the damage cap you can keep fighting it but it wont add more damage to the overall damage for the guild.

In theory yes but eventually the combo breaker will end your turn.

Another way to keep player turns down may be to give the Boss like 50 Attack (and you’ll need special Traits, like one that keeps Attack from lowering and one that prevents death until Armor is reduced to 0) so that no Troop can withstand more than a single hit.

How? if I am chaining extra turns by deliberate board control, not lucky drops… and I can still get a very long run even if something goes wrong (and I have a very viable combo team that deals heavy damage with spells while keeping the turns forever…)… and my guild-mates can all do the same - and all guilds will coordinate and make a mega boss killer meta team… so in any case, some of the limiting factors mentioned need to be used…

Ever played
Green Slime
Green Seer
Shaman King
It never stops until Green Slime is at 9999 in every stats and if it does stops, the ennemy is entangled (Green Seer) and has few skulls (Finley)

I still don’t have green seer after 1000 hours of gameplay. sniff

Well, entangled part is easily dealt with (Flying or Impervious trait), but lack of skulls would make it at least very difficult for AI to do anything important.
There are also other factors, though. No one mentioned Devour yet, especially fully traited Maw. Or even fully traited Archer hero. So without a way to prevent one-match killing the whole team it would happen, and I guess it wouldn’t be that rare really…

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you want mega Boss Battle ? just Attack me :confused:

I build my teams for fun and i want my fun gimmick teams to face bosses not their underlings like your team.

Nope, Consoles only have 1 of those 4 Troops at the moment

Ops, I meant Shaman Goblin, not Shaman King xD
I guess my thoughts just drift to that old anime when I think of Shaman Goblin ^^'
So you have 2 of those :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I can’t wait until we get some of those Troops, especially Green Slime and Green Seer. I love Mana generators.

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