Angry Sprockets (allied guild of Mean Machine, rank 21) is recruiting


Hi everyone :slight_smile:

Angry Sprockets is recruiting. After kicking a few members on Sunday that havent reached requirements, we are now looking for new members.
Do you want to join an active guild full of helpful people, that shares discord channels with MM where we discuss a lot if stuff in 10+ chat channels.
Angry Sprockets have only 1 requirement - 1500 seals. Thats to secure reaching 40k seals, and Sprockets do reach 40k seals every week.
Another benefit about joining sprockets is that MM recruits primary from AS.
Want to be a part of a very active guild? Leave your invite code or contact me with a private message.

Have more questions? Just ask away :slight_smile:


Kitty Bump


We just got a mythic from legendary quest - aby :slight_smile:
Bumping as we are searching for more members :slight_smile:


Some spots taken, 3 remain open. Bump for all the players interested joining active guild :slight_smile:


We got another mythic this week from legendary tasks so heres another bump for those looking to join an active guild!


Looking for 2 new members :slight_smile:


Kitty Bump


One last spot remains, first who applies gets to join :slight_smile:


Hey I’d like to try lvl 1014. Always get 1500 seals 600 k gold and hundreds of seals message first as I need to quit current guild


Sorry hundreds of trophies


Are you Angry? Are you a Sprocket? If you are not fret not! Join us today and become one.
Active guild looking for new active members.
Want to join? Contact me via mail or post in this topic.


Angry Sprockets just entered top 500 guilds so this deserves another bump! 2 spots open.


Come on, forum friends you know you want to be a part of the Machine!!! Your journey starts here, as an Angry Sprocket.

Come be part of one of the best guild families around!



Sprockets are full now, but if you want to join the waiting list write down bellow :slight_smile:


Sprockets open again for new recruits :slight_smile:


Bumpin’ :slight_smile:


3 spots for 3 active player? Want to join a guild that has good results? Now is your chance.


Don’t join a half active guild when you can join a full active guild like Sprockets :slight_smile:


One last sexy bump before i go to sleep.


Rank 456 and climbing! Still searching to fill couple spots :slight_smile: