Angry Sprockets - sister guild of Mean Machine (rank 24) recruiting

Hi there everyone.

Are you looking for an opportunity to be in a top guild, but they are all full? Are you just not ready to join a top guild yet, but you would want to be in an active guild that will help you join a top guild one day? Search no more - Angry Sprockets is the place for you.

Angry Sprocket accepts members of all levels. Only requirement is 1500 seals a week.

What do you get by joining Angry Sprockets? Active guild to start with. You get an option to hang on discord with all the members from both Angry Sprockets and Mean Machine guild, where we discuss teams, strategies and everything else you want to discuss. And last but not least, you get priority when Mean Machine is recruiting.

And once in Mean Machine - youll be in a guild that has reached 40k seals every week since the day that update was up. A guild that does around 10 legendary tasks every week. A top performing guild.

So join Angry Sprockets today and lets raise to top together.

To join just post your invite code, or send it to me in a message.


Come join our robot army. :robot::robot::robot:


That’s right! We are building the Mean Machine Farm League Team and we want you! Reap the fringe benefits of top tier guild with a lighter req!
Mean Machine leadership will be keeping a close watch on performance and when we need somebody to step up… Will you be the best Match Maker for the job?

Prove it!
Post your invite code below and become…

An Angry Sprocket!!! :rage:



Our numbers are getting larger, join while theres still room left :slight_smile:


Holler at me if you see me in-game & want to discuss in chat as well.


We are Machine and Sprockets and we are recruiting:)


Hello Don, I would lik to join your guild. I can reach 1500 seals weekly. I don’t what to say about the weekly donation of gold requirement. I can contribute as much as you tell me to ( a specific amount) , at least until I get more of my kingdoms to lvl 10.

Currently I have lvl 57.

I hope we can be good friends and make this guild grow nice :slight_smile:

Have a nice evening

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Whats your invite code?

hey it’s ALEXM5

We notified members recruiting so expect your invite to arrive soon :slight_smile:

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Man, everyone is getting a sister guild.

Who’s leading this one @DonBoba?

Alextrasia :slight_smile:

Looking for more people who want to get into a serious guild :slight_smile:


What are requirements? This is what I did last week

I’m currently working on getting kingdoms to 10, but once they are, my gold will be alot higher.

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Your performance is perfect. Only requirements in sprockets is 1500 seals.
Mean Machine Requirements are 400k gold, 200 trophies and 1200 seals.

First sprocket is joining Mean Machine today.
Want to be in that place? Join Angry Sprockets today! :slight_smile:

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Fr0zenKold, is that your invite code as well?

Tried invite, says you’re still in guild.

If you want to join us leave your current guild and we will invite you right after :slight_smile:

my invite code is REBOREBI1.
level 502 and no problem for money, seals ora trophies.
hope I can join your guild

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