Angry Sprockets - sister guild of Mean Machine (rank 24) recruiting


Attempted invite, shows as you still in guild. You’ll have to leave old one to allow invite.


You can join but you need to leave your current guild so we can invite you :slight_smile:


i left the guild


Invite sent :slight_smile:


In 3 days we got 18 members. If you want to be a part of this, join now while we still have room :slight_smile:


can you invite me in mean machine guild?
i can spend 4kk a week and the angry sprockets is a very low level guild.
ty for your attention


We will invite members of Sprockets into Mean Machine when we got spots open in Mean Machine. Those that are performing the best in Sprockets will be invited first. So yeah you can be invited into Mean Machine, but all Mean Machine spots are full, and we will be recruiting members from Sprockets when a spot is open.


thanks for your answer.
anyway the level of angry is really to low for me at the moment.
have fun and good luck.


Its low because the guild was founded 3 days ago. But level of the guild speaks nothing of the guilds activity :wink:


I know I wouldn’t meet requirements this week because my seals are all in my current guild.


That is not a problem mate, we fully understand that :slight_smile:


Just bumping while there are still a few spots open :slight_smile:
3 days from being created guild is slowly approaching their 10k seals already!


2/3 full and only a few days old. Not bad.


At 20 members after 4 days of creation.
11330 seals already collected (with some members already collecting all their 1500 seals in previous guild).
As a celebration reward for great performance after the next member to join, all guild members will recieve 2 guild keys :slight_smile:
Will you be that next member?


4 days after being created Sprockets now has only 4 spots remaining. Will you be one of the last 4 to join us? :slight_smile:


Angry Sprockets now full. Feel free to post if interested. You can be added to the wait list.


THESILENCE please send me an invite if you have an opening thank you


We’ve got a short waiting list now. Please accept our gratitude for the rapid popularity!


If thats what you call a short waiting list :stuck_out_tongue:


Second week and guild is approaching 40k seals.
However we need to clean up a few people who just joined for the free ride, and some of the members will be passing to Mean Machine, so Sprockets has a few spots open. Want to join a very active guild? Dont wait no more, leave your invite code and join us today! :robot::robot::robot: