Angry Sprockets, allied guild of Mean Machine(rank 23th) is looking for 2 member!

Week comes to it’s end and a new one is about to begin, with bringing guild wars to us.
Want to join an active guild thats climbing faster then i can type (thats why im not saying Sprockets rank here, because by the time i finish this they will already be higher)? Join sprockets today.

Sprockets needs 2 members - 1 got kicked this week for not reaching requirements, and 1 passed to Mean Machine.
Only requirement in Angry Sprockets is 1500 seals. Members from Angry Sprockets are recruited into MM. 4 members passed to Mean Machine in 2 weeks time.
And this is a show case of Sprockets activity:

Want to join? Send me your invite code or write one bellow.


Still searching for a member :slight_smile:

We got filled, but today a couple decided they dont want to play anymore and said their goodbyes.

So we now have 2 spots open.

Sprockets right now closing in to 22k seals, and last 2 weeks 40k seal chests was met.

Lvl 1030
All kingdoms maxed
Let me know if u r still looking for active players

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I can meet the the 1500 seal requirement. Level 209 at the moment. Would love to be in a guild that gets to 40,000. Current guild barely makes 10,000. Invite code is Paesh.

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Invite coming soon :slight_smile:

Please send an invite to DAVE_89 I can get the requirements

You are in a guild so you need to leave to get the invite. As soon as you leave invite will come. Confirm me when you exit :slight_smile:

Left my guild…Send to Paesh. Thanks

Coming soon :slight_smile:

After yesterdays clean up of inactive players we now have 2 active players. If you are interested send me a PM or post here.

Just one more spot remaining.

Bumping because we just got a spot open.
In 2 days of this week Sprockets already passed 20k seals.

Me see no response yet, me bumps.

I can do 1500 seals a week. Invite GOBLIN 16

Invire coming soon :slight_smile:

After goblin joined we still have another spot left.
Numbers didnt change do to some glitch in the matrix. Want in? Now is your chance!

I am interested and can support the requirement.

Invite: NELSON5444_1

Sorry nelson but right now we are full. I can inform you if a new spot opens but we already have 2 players waiting to join on Sunday so it might be a while.

We recruited 2 members to Mean Machine so sprockets have 2 spots open.