Angry Sprockets, alied guild of Mean Machine (rank 23) is recruiting

Angry Sprockets is searching for new members willing to achiev greaf heights.
Mean Machine recruits members from AS so if you want to join MM, you need to become a sprocket first.
Only requirement is AS is to reach 1500 seals.
This is Sprockets performance in the first week of the guild war.

This is MM performance on thr first

Want to jump in? Leave your invite code here or send it to me in a private message.
Have some question? Feel free to ask.


Buming this up top :slight_smile:

We’ve made 40k in seals since our second week and we now complete 3/6 tasks and get halfway through the other three.

We’re climbing the ranks at a rate of 100 a week and are already under rank 700.

We won’t ask you to participate in Guild Wars, though we do put in a pretty good showing. We only ask that if you are our paragon you stick with us until a few hours before switch over on Sunday and put up a good defense team.

We’re active and we do communicate on both the guild chat and discord. So you won’t miss and information that needs to be shared.

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Come on people, who’s interested into joining a good guild?

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We have 5 spots open.

Hi. I’d like to join your guild. 250 lvl, very active, I have 5-0 in all GW fights. 1200+ seals and 300 000 golds per week. My nickname ALEXMILALEX

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Alex invite coming.

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thanks :slight_smile: I am here. Here is sweet.

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I’d like to join also. Level 164 all Kingdoms at 10. I can make 300-400k per week and 1500 seals lost only 1 GW figh. Invite code YOUCANCALLMEFATHER_1

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Invite coming :slight_smile:

We are getting a msg YOUCANCALLMEFATHER_1 doesn’t exist?

Nevermind invite managed to pass.


We are recruiting! Please leave a message here to join!