Android Offers 0?

Ok i understand,halloween event,50% off for the pet, that’s great!
BUT what about Android offers? Nothing % off for anything ,never,nada?

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black friday for android ussers? :smiley:

The devs have commented on it before and the short version of the answer is, “The way offers work is different on every platform, which means it’s almost impossible to have a sale with the same rates, same offers, or even same dates for every platform.” There can even be conditions like “you aren’t allowed to have sales on other platforms within this many days of a sale on ours”.

Since Steam is Valve, Android is Google, and iOS is Apple, that means even though to players GoW is one platform, these are really three different platform with three different methods and sets of rules for offers. The upside being if you primarily play on PC, you can take advantage of Android or iOS sales and they will still impact your account (and any other permutation of those three platforms.)

GoW uses “we’re on so many platforms” as a selling point, but it’s probably also one of its biggest sinks in terms of dev effort. Supporting 1 platform is 1 headache. 2 platforms is 2 headaches. 3 platforms is 5 headaches. 4 platforms is 10 headaches. 5 platforms (the current total) is 50 headaches.

5 platforms is Macarena on glass shards…