An unfortunate truth

I just made a rather strange observation. Hypothetically, if four forum members without custom icons responded to a post, each named: Fernando; Ulrich; Cathy and Kathy (oh, those kooky parents and their individualized spelling), it would provide a rather undesired result. Naturally, there are many other combinations, possibly just as lewd, but this one was the most conspicuous at the time of writing.

Anyway, I thought I’d share.

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I do not get it.

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Most likely, no one. That’s why it is posted in Off-Topic.

The acronym of the names… When you don’t have a Profile Image, it uses the first letter of your name; i.e. how mine is P.

Let’s hope they make short posts then :slight_smile:

Oh ok. Now i get it.

I get that you’re aiming for a “haha, swears are funny” thing, but what does that have to do with the image you posted?

A derpy image for a derpy post. It’s about as meaningful as the post itself.

Uh, okay then. Thanks for clearing that up.

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