Add "1488" to the username badwords

I’d really prefer not to see Nazi dog whistles like 1488 in PvP, tyvm.

I assume the game has a badwords list to disallow profanities and slurs in usernames; please add this to it.

(Yes, I did report as Offensive Name in-game; but this sort of stuff should really be rooted out early.)


Hey @Maisie

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, this is one I am aware of but I have passed this onto the team to work on getting it added to our censored terms!

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


I’ve seen people do this(sorry for what I’m about to do) Azz basically they are messing with the system that blocks the badwords and I’ve seen usernames and guild names that have literally messed with and got away with this. I have reported them for inappropriate username and they never got banned and I still see a very inappropriate username in pvp. @jeto please fix this issue.

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Man, am I glad not to have been born on January 4, 1988
@Maisie It could have been their birthday.


How would you even go with the situation of f.e. wanting to block out 1488? I didn’t even know about that before reading this. But next player who really wants to, just goes to use or equivalents with -/()_ between. Or special characters which are also in common use ingame.

I struggle with “ban this user coz of using a nickname I don’t like” attitude. Sure and true, some nicknames (might) go beyond the “I’m triggered by everything” which is a common thing these days, but how many are there really? Are you also wanting to ban chatroom 88? Or chatroom 420 - could also trigger someone in some way…

Can’t nicknames be forced to be changed by admins after someone reports them, they were looked over and deemed a “no-go”? Or be changed into something random like “BadNickname01234”?


Yeah, it could have been, but it almost certainly wasn’t. Let’s not make excuses for white supremacists to blow their dogwhistles, please.

Username filters aren’t perfect of course but they’re (a) a first line of defense and (b) deliberately circumventing the filter by obfuscation demonstrates intent.

(And filters + reporting is clearly working for other profanities and slurs given how extremely rarely we see, for example, n-word variants in usernames in PvP.)


There is a precedent for that. Someone on Xbox had a name that I won’t repeat because it’s a personal insult to a dev. It was changed to a food item.

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Players at level 1,487 should level up to 1,489 to ensure no offense can be taken.

Or…we can address the issues that are actually making players quit the game. :man_shrugging:


Bet you it had love in it, if we’re thinking of the same one.

We take references to white supremicism, nazis and Hitler very seriously.
This is usually taken incredibly seriously by game studios in general.

Prior to working for IP2 I worked for a German game publisher and so I learnt a few things.
One of those things is that not only is neo-nazism and white supremecy disgusting (which we all already know obviously), but certain symbols, words and numbers and the way they are used can be literally ILLEGAL.

As a game that welcomes players from all backgrounds and as a company that does not tolerate racism we will not mess around with names that are clearly referring to nazis.

We are not apologetic to neo-nazis or any kind of racist, and we will not give them the benefit of the doubt. We have a hard stance on it. We are not apologetic about this stance.

We also offer our game to German speaking players who may be residing in Germany where, as I mentioned, some references are literally illegal in some contexts, so this is especially important.


I understand this could be offending to many people, but it starts to get to the level of insanity. I had no idea that 1488 is a reference to a nazi phrase.
It is just a number for me.

Imagine a new mythic troop inspired by a Hindu god but leave off his holy symbol the swastika, cause nazis and everything. Then comes the indian guy and asks why is my god’s holy symbol, the symbol of all good and bright is missing from this troop when it was clearly inspired by him.

Somewhere somebody always gets offended by something, we can’t cancel everything.
As Icy said it is too easy to find a workaround to worth trying to ban it.
I know believe me, we are constantly improving a log message masking tool to hide sensitive data, it is still not perfect, and we are not trying to get around it.

@Kafka “bullshit” in many more words :wink:


There’s a huge difference between canceling everything and removing references to racists genocidal warmongers who are responsible for the death of millions of people and whose modern-day followers would love to do the same if everyone else would just look away and let them.

I agree that they’ll find new ways. But then people not tolerating that type of hatred will have to stop that as well.

It’s for a very good reason that we do.

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I’m absolutely not questioning to act on racist things, not even to eventually ban the players for using something. Terrible if people have such a mindset. But there can’t be any doubt it was malicious intent.

1488 to me this also was just a number or a year, but nothing else. And in my mind it won’t ever be something else because I don’t let this (to me new infos) compromise me in any way.
I guess you learn some new things you would’ve never needed or would’ve never come in contact with every day…

So, is “Putin” as name or word banned then too - or will it be? Or “Bush” for maybe multiple reasons even (haha)? Or “Z” - the russian state propaganda war symbol?
The question is, where do we start, where do we end? Or is this topic and banned words generally ending at (what we think is related to or could be nazi) and/or maybe some english cursewords? I suspect, we aslo only ban “english” stuff? What about the other examples I mentioned then? I really doubt this can ever get implemented properly to satisfy everybody.


Nothing in this world can be implemented in a way that satisfies everyone. That can’t be the metric by which we measure the success of a policy.

Not having leaderboards and PVP filled to the brim with terrorist\genocidal\extremist hate mongering\obscene usernames is a more reasonable goal, surely, even if you miss quite a few.


I’d appreciate it if I don’t get any more warnings about my chat language regarding words that YOUR censor allows me to say…that is all

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It looks like this censor is in effect now.

Unfortunately it seems to break the team code sharing in chat if the weapon ‘Ring of crystal fire’ is in the team, as the weapon has the offending censored number string as it’s ID.


What about 1487 aka the other ring?
I assume it’s the same issue switch player have with Hatir or Skroll. They are just not displayed in the chat

1487 works fine.

Team showing correctly is the ice ring as you mention, and failed team code at the bottom is censored weapon.


Well this is a really sensible implementation!