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An auction house

A bona-fide in-game auction house to trade cards or sell for good-old gold. For good or ill, please discus!

I don’t really like that idea. It would be too easy for friends to exploit.

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could use gems or glory or a combo… or maybe even maps and keys?

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I’ve thought about this before and I don’t think it works well since anything you do to one copy applies to all copies. If you had to individually level/trait up cards then it would seem a lot more viable. But being able to ascend/trait a card to mythic then sell any extra copies you ever get seems really broken.

What if the only thing you could trade a mythic for was a different mythic? Fixed pricing to avoid exploits.

Interesting concept, but there are many variables to consider, such as traits and so on.
I cannot lie, I have said to myself a few times I wish there was a way for me to trade some of my Arcane stones for stones that I am needing :slight_smile:


a fixed cost base on original card rarity would be cool. and having it say 6 people have card A available… and it goes by order of time up for sale.

cost could be a combo though not just gold, like gold for common and green cards, gold and glory for blue, gold glory trait stones for purple? and combo with gems for legendary and mythic?

maybe have traitstones based on colors of the cards?

still wanting the traitstone breakup and combine portion :smiley:

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Ultimately I’m against the idea. The problem is that Gems of War is a CCG, not a TCG.

However, if there was an auction house where one random Epic or Legendary troop came up every 1-6 hours, and the person who offered the most gems by the end won it, then I’d be okay with that idea.

  • Gems > Gold. Even people who farm Gems easily enough would be competing with one another.
  • Auctions are held by the server, not users. I don’t like the idea of turning this game into a TCG, so I won’t be suggesting it.
  • Offers are anonymous. No one should be able to see who offered on it.
  • Troops OR Traistones. Packs of 3 Runics or a specific Arcane could also be options to come up.
  • Everyone’s competing. Everyone sees the same Auction at any given time, no dividing, unless it plays into future PvP.
    What I mean by this is that users of higher ranks will have access to better rarities, while lower ranks could only get Rares or Ultras. But other than that, no dividing!
  • Now you could argue that those who earn more Gems (Top Guilds, etc) would win more often. The counter-argument to this is that they’ll have to spend more gems. So even if they come easy, they’re making the decision to spend more on a single Troop/Stone rather than buying Gem Chests.
  • Final point of making it accessible, there’ll be a maximum of 2-3 auctions going on at once, of differing rarities preferably. It could be considered for cutting off users of certain levels from different auctions, but eh.

This is the only version of an Auction House I’d be actually happy with.


What they said :smiley:

Agreed, and good points too. It would have to be fully regulated and non-exploitable. I have A, would you be willing to trade it for like item B?

Hmmmm I think I am against the idea under any variants…

I agree some better ways to:

  • spend excess resources (I am sat on about 200k souls);
  • trade for specific resources, especially traitstones, that you need; and/or
  • get hold of specific rare legendaries or epic troops…

…would be good additions. However I think they should be:

  • done through extra mini-games and puzzles;
  • handled with extreme caution; and/or
  • have a degree of diminishing returns.

Ideas have cropped up on the forum before, like:

  • Invocation: spend souls to generate a random key;
  • Alchemy: a mini game to match traitstones to make better ones; and/or
  • Crafting puzzles: a mini game to spend resources to make troop cards.

The PuzzleQuest sequence of games (1, 2, Galactrix) all had excellent extra mini-games for crafting, breaking doors, learning spells, catching beasts, mining, etc. etc. I’d love to see any resource management or pursuit of rarities done through those kind of game modes.

Auction House was a disaster for Diablo 3 - in my humble view, and in that of Blizzard, who removed it. I don’t want to see GoW go that way at all…

Public auctions for gems? Gonna cause huge frustration to anyone who loses and more accusations of pay-to-win… No thanks…

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