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Traitstone Converter Machine

Picture it…

A third mini-game feature in Gems of War stationed in the gambling Capitol of BlackHawk where all the pirates come to trade their coveted traitstones for greater and grander treasure.

Traitstone Machine:

Enter 10 of one type of stone for a random reward of 1 upgraded stone.

Example: Deposit 10 minor magic traitstones and get 1 random major.
Deposit 10 major magic traitstones and get 1 random runic.
Deposit 10 runic magic traitstones and get 1 random arcane.

This would be absolutely amazing in my opinion. Currently the game is designed where every single thing is associated with another. Gold keys give gems and glory. Glory chests gives gems and glory etc… Everything is consumable to a point where you can run out.

I have close to 1000 earth minor traitstones and I feel upset that they are wasted and will never be used because that took so much time to accumulate and not get what I need in the game.

Give us a system to fix this please!

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Or a shop where you can turn traitstones to gold? As in sell em. (Not too high cause u get ts alot through gold chests, like 10gold minor 25major 100 runic 250 arcane per)

This sounds like a gem crafting thing, the same type that the devs out right rejected. However due to the gambling portion of it, it seems like a type of chest shop idea, so maybe the devs would not mind implementing it. Not sure if this would help them at all from a financial standpoint. Maybe make it cost 1 to 5 games per game and trait stones.

Two words. Not. Happening. Sirrian shot down the idea a handful of times for various reasons.

Also converting them to gold would either 1) not be worth it because you’d need way too many to get any worthwhile amount of gold or 2) game-breaking for those with thousands of traitstones left over that have been playing for years. Tacet is an easy example here. This would rocket endgame players even further ahead of the rest of the player base. So, probably not happening either.

Just not thinking about any reasons why it might not be a good addition: I does have something cool when you use your imagination now and see it in front of you working like some L.A. Slotmachine :heart_eyes_cat:

So why spoil it for the minority because of the few number of high level players such as tacet? I think it’s a fun idea and could be implemented in some guise.

Because that would give those players an advantage over the majority of other players and be unfair for you guys?

But I’d rather risk that and enjoy the benefits, besides, there’s always someone further on than yourself or better at the game than you. That’s just life!
I can still hold my own against the top teams despite having no mythic troops although I have around 35 ascended mythics.

Yea i guess youre right, goldsinks dont even affect anything as theres no collective social economy. Nvm.

Here’s the results of just a little bit of searching:

So it’s not like this sort of idea hasn’t occurred to people before.

They add new troops on a weekly basis, so it’s not like those traitstones will never have a use. And considering the randomness of the drops, I find it unlikely that the inefficiency of having things you don’t need, while not having enough of the things you want, is unintentional. Players always want things that allow them to maximize their efficiency, options to trade low-value resources for high-value ones, but it should be obvious that it’s not generally in the developer’s interest to provide that.


What if you are given a mini game to play where the drop is dependent on the number of gems you matched. You are given a set number of turns just like treasure hunt, but as you match gems it records what gem colors you have matched and how much of each. Your reward is based on what color you have the most of and skulls would be colorless so you can “waste turns” This way we get a traitstine converter, but you still have to work for it. (just an idea.) (please FFS do not implement it devs)

Dave, I really like this idea! Would be very fun to have more mini-games! Being able to convert colors of Minor Stones, being able to create Runic stones, maybe even being able to trade Traitstones within a Guild would all be great options (if possible for Devs).


Awesome Spherix! Nice to see all of these Theads together. A very good idea indeed! :smiley: