Trading System/Market

This would be great to able to trade with other players.


Been asked for and answered conclusively… Long story short brudda, never gon’ happen


To be fair, the devs have never commented on the idea, but the arguments against trading are compelling. (The short of it is, you may think you want trading, but the secondary effects it would have would make you reconsider.)

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I’m pretty sure they did in the old forum, back in the days of yore… and yeah:


To be even fairer the developers could make this work if there was a fee charged to both players for the transaction.

If we assume 20,000 Gems almost guarantees a mythic drop. You could charge both players each 15,000-20,000 Gems to trade Mytics.

Then its Player choice what they want to do while they burn resources either way.

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To which I have a feeling you won’t need 20000 gems (or it’s equivalent) to just craft it once that system goes live.

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Yeah it would