Am I the only one who hardly gets mythics?

Why is it seem that I am the only one in my guild who has not been able to get certain mythic troops or most of the troops that are special each week. I have been spending gems, keys, guild sigils, glory everything I get each week to get the newest Mythics and I only ever get what I previously had. Not only that I have played over 150 level 12 mythic boss battles in explore runs and have only just recently got the 3 mimic chest achievement. Not once have I gotten the horde mimic troop. I spend literally hours a day playing and trying and it seems my efforts are all in vain.

On another note the troop Arachnaean Weaver is so ridiculously over powered. I mean it can web all enemies, cannot be targeted and has a chance to spawn a troop on enemy death that seema to be 100% not the 75% it says.

Sorry for my ranting. But I had to say it. You can call me a cry baby or whatever. But I said my piece.

curse and stun her!

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Hi @Scrombomb,

First why should someone has the right to call you “cry baby or whatever” you share something with us what you bother/annoying in the game imo is that why this place is here not only for bugs, errors or issues for dev’s/help support.
I play this game now 4 yrs daily active coz I’m house bounded and this is the only game what is left from my hobby’s that I can play on my own way :wink:
The first 2 years the mythic’s where even rare as the Nysha token, Mimic battle’s and for me also the cursed gnome.
I made a switch to another guild what more fits by my gameplay and after few months the mythic’s and new troops start to come more often but it are periods then they come and months I dont even get the monthly Mythic or Legendary tbh if you ask me subscribe GoW is it a game for the long term where you must have very much patient, luck and of course play and play you can make it yourself easier with using real money then you need a little lesser patient and luck but tbh I find the fact that im on L 1440 and not have all troops/weapons also a challenge to get them.
When time is there they will come and hunting and expect CG, tokens, new troops gave me only frustration and lesser pleasure in playing the game so call me silly or whatever I believe in that it comes when the time is there…
AW is a great troop but enough ways to defeat her but I understand what you mean.
I have the same with the Elementals class its imo the hardest class to fight to for sure in GW has that several times runed my runs and score but I see that also as a challenge find a way to defeat those teams OMG this again a bookwork LOL sorry! Try to see it as my passion and enthusiasm for this awesome game :innocent: :star_struck:

Overall chance for the Hoard Mimic troop seems to be roughly 0.1%, so you’ll need to open 1000 boss chests on everage.


I got my Hoard Mimic boss battle in a vault weekend while I was hunting gnomes on explore 5 and that was the first time I got that battle and I got as reward the Mythic Hoard Mimic and token of Gaard while on all my L 12 explore I never have got a Mimic battle and that are 100’s battles each week my best explore for tokens is 10 there I got my Nysha’s and several mimic battles!
So you can trigger on each explore level a mimic / Hoard mimic battle :wink:


I was level 940 when I got my very first mythic drop. And I have seen many others being below level 100 when their first mythic dropped.
My most expensive mythic was the Archdeva- I no longer remember just how many keys and Guild seals I spent, but all I had collected in a months time plus 180000 glory.

Hoard Mimic, well I am not hunting for it. It will happen one day… maybe


The best suggestion I can offer you is to SAVE your resources for the monthly mythic (especially guild seals) as spending everything every week is not going to get you far.

Save event keys for when there is a mythic you want in the event chest that week and try for it. More keys means a higher chance you might get lucky.
Buy the weekly event keys 10 pack for glory in “resources” tab in the shop.

Save resources towards FORGING the troop you want/need.

I have been playing this game daily since 2014. The Forge came to the game relatively recently and until then the mythic options were even more limited !

Good luck - enjoy - they will come !!


its the drop rate sadly like this week I finally got the new mythic with just glory keys. It takes soo many trys to get mythics.

Join a better guild, gives you way more resources for keys, gems, glory etc. Your home kingdom should be whitehelm for extra glory.


Be in a good guild help to get more resource absolute but the LUCK factor in this game is the most important with a lot of patience!

Im in great guild every week very much keys, glory and everything what should be needed to get the new LG or Mythic but the last months I just dont get them spend many thousand’s on keys, glory and seals, but it refuses to give me the new ones.

I dont have to complain over the missing 19 troops in my collection, but its annoying/ frustrating to get a 4th or higher example of a mythic you already have I would be real happy if they could make a script that by 3th example its not possible to pull another of it but yeah keep dreaming, Shiv :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I have been playing for like 6 years almost every day as I am disabled and cannot enjoy the things I used too. But today i was doing a ranked PvP and the guy i went to face had 3 horde mimics. And here I am still doing 15 to 20 level 12 mythic boss battles a day. Just the mythic boss battles not including the ones I have to do to get enough tokens. I don’t have 1 and they have at least 3? What in the unholy blasphemous bullarky is that? Seriously I am beyond annoyed, well even more so than before. Come on and up the percentage chance please…


The pain is unreal, been hunting actively myself for a Hoard Mimic since the patch, no luck. It makes me think that it is a fair chance that I/we will never get it, even if we play our socks off…

That guy surely did >1k boss fights. Have you?

Hi @Scrombomb,

I play this game in same situation as you Im housebound and this game is a big part of my rl.
I play this now 4 years very active daily, and I play every week so much L 10 - L 12 explore and almost none mimic battles.
Last Vault weekend explore L 1 my first Hoard Mimic battle and as surprise I got the Mythic Hoard mimic and yesterday happened it again got a L 1 explore Hoard mimic and the Mythic HM and ofcourse im glad with it but I also think wtf I play so much Explore high difficult and where are they…
But the same time I still miss 1 Legendary HIGH PRIESTESS CH’AZKA
Im Level 1450 miss just 19 troops 18 mythic and this one in a great guild so thats all okay but its the LUCK factor in this game what make such things so weird / unfair.
I have let it go and dont focus any longer on what I miss and yeah sometimes its annoying to see in PVP, but I love the game and play it with much pleasure and keep that in mind and my time will come that I got the missing troops :wink: Much pleasure and success with your game :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Wow congrats @Shivandri. 3 hoard mimic mythics from E1.

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Thanks @Wow,

yeah, its real nice but tbh it feels also a bit weird to my guildies who has still not 1 and have had so much Hoard Mimic Battles I have maybe had 10 in all time so in this Im real LUCKY :blush:


I’m not sure what was mine, but it used arround 30k guild seals (so 30*50= 1500 keys) and another 8-9k glory keys… so like over 9000-10000 KEYS