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Allow us to choose masteries from all colors

My OCD was not happy :frowning:


Mine must drive you crazy. xD

I would actually prefer if masteries were completely removed from hero. It is a system used to accumulate weapons that will 90% go unused. Once a player gets beyond 75 all masteries, the extra mana surge for each level is trivial. Also, the system was made so heros could focus in a certain area, but nearly every person evenly distributes masteries to all 6 gem types. There is absolutely no customization that comes from the system beyond the 40 mastery weapons.


But see even you have leveled traits outside of purple :stuck_out_tongue:

I am curious to hear what the devs think about this.

I think I +1 Tacet, although at level 301 I don’t have his high end knowledge.
I did have Mufasha’s OCD when I didn’t get a choice of red, the only one on 49.

But as Tacet said, there is no real customisation. It’s a system that has outgrown its purpose I think.
You could just unlock weapons at certain level points, and choose which weapon you want this time.
By the time you get to level 300 you have the collection. (same as now)
You could level up your masteries automatically, like your other stats.

Saves us pretending to choose.

Either that, or completely go the other way.
So that if we focus purple, we’re strong in magic.
Attack, health, shields, magic, surge chance, aaand something else. I didnt really put much thought in you’ll notice


I think that if we were to be able to chose from all 6 masteries and they refunded all our invested masteries then i would do some different distribution to that i can unlock certain weapons. Looking at those dual coloured weapons for the win.

The choices offered eventually will even it out - I believe Sirrian said that at one point in the past.

I think the masteries are primarily for new players as they get the most benefit from it - stats of their hero and cards are lower but getting mana surges to fill up their bars “faster” probably helps them more often than not.

Masteries are pretty much only for newer players and those that play casually. Their purpose completely expires into late game. I find this to be slightly odd as the devs have been expanding many things to late game such as the mount of resources to level and upgrade everything, yet they haven’t ever touched on the mastery system.

One thing I mentioned a while back that is similar to what @bluebehir said it to give more stats to hero based on TOTAL mastery (so it would account for guild masteries, team bonus, class bonus, and other bonuses). It would be something along the lines of:
25 Green = +1 HP
25 Yellow = +1 HP
25 Blue = +1 Armor
25 Brown = +1 Armor
50 Red = +1 Attack
75 Purple = +1 Magic

All the devs would have to do to balance that is make troops that have 2x, 3x, and 5x damaging things to hero type. Adding this type of counter would also allow for switching hero type to be more beneficial.

in before glass cannon super spell user shows up on the pvp matches