Allow team order shuffling in delves between matches

Either reset the team order to what it was, or allow players to change the order of cards in between matches.

The current implementation is an unfair advantage to the delve. These already get hard enough at higher levels, without the need for messed up teams.

And imo, cards should also reset to what they where before the match (dead cards remain dead obviously), but transformed cards should reset back.

Otherwise let us keep our stats from the match as well, and not only the negative changes :slight_smile:


I thought the point, even explicitly mentioned, is that troop changes persist across fights. That’s why it’s good to have summon troops, so if someone dies you can replace.

If you can reset the team, how is it sufficiently different from normal fights?

Team jugglers like dust devil, cedric and bulette are an annoyance for sure. Generally you just have to avoid damaging the shuffler until team order is restored (or acceptable) before one shotting with the likes of ketras. That’s just how it is and such games are often longer as a result. No biggy though if you’re using YP because you should have plenty of life to weather the storm. Changing team order between fights might not necessarily help that much because you don’t know how many shuffles will be coming your way, esp at higher delve levels.

while the shuffle is annoying i can live with it but transformed troops should be restored cause at high level delves a troop that’s been transformed into something like a giant toad is less then useless

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Yes transform can complicate things but it may not necessarily be the end of the delve. Cut your losses and go the quickest route to the boss, or retreat. Shufflers and transformers are regulars in delve because they make things awkward. I would rather have a toad sponge than a missing troop killed or devoured by RNG. I don’t think toads etc should be restored between fights or that the order should be restored. That would make it similar to doom and the delves in general less difficult. It’s the toughest mode in the game and it needs a rethink in terms of troop design and the time needed to complete an event. In mirrored halls, transforming your own troops into their troops is essential for success. If our shiny new transformed troops reverted to eg Doppelganger between fights, this faction would probably be harder to do with faction troops at high level than it currently is.

This is one of the few places where I think this aspect of Delve is there by design. There’s not going to be “relief” for it because it’s meant to be one of the ways bad luck can ruin your run even if you’ve paid a lot of money to win.

I don’t like it, but it’s obvious enough I can’t bring myself to believe it’s unintended.

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Yes. It’s a patience tester and proof of your determination combined. But it’s also an event only ‘gig’ so new 3 day faction events should be top priority because you will never get a better chance to max the faction again even if you spend ludicrous amounts on horde level once the event has passed. That’s what delve is. If you want all factions maxed then spend many many gems over many, many, many hours and a few dollars to boot. Potions will give u the stats that millions and millions of gold invested in horde level can only dream of. Potions are the ‘solution’ to delve difficulty and frustration. Added benefit for 505? It creates a lot of revenue.