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All of valkyrie's matches go to the opponent

2 times today I cast Valhalla with my Valkyrie. The chosen color turned blue and the turn immediately switched to the opponent who recieved all the mana from the matches. This is causing me to lose games.

this does not happen every time, just twice today and once yesterday

It’s an old bug, I think there was at least one other thread about it (besides the one below), but I can’t find it

I’m pretty sure devs did something about it though. There was a point I was close to quitting the game because of it (1-2 times a day was the norm in my case), now I think it’s been weeks since I saw it last time.

We are aware that some players are still occasionally seeing this it.

If you are able to get us a video of it occurring for you, we may be able to use it to track down what could be causing it.

It also helps to include your lineup to see if the community cannot problvidingprobviding a correlation to a bug.

I was using

Crimson Bat Mythic full traits lv 20
Crimson Bat Mythic full traits lv 20
Valkyrie Legendary full traits lv 18
Mercy Legendary full traits lv 19

I play on my iPad mini so Video may be difficult for me, I will see what I can do