All GW Defences set to Fire Bombs!?


Platform, device version and operating system:
Steam, Windows 7 x64

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
When I finally got into Guild Wars successfully, I was expecting to see all my GW Defence teams set to last month’s teams, just requiring a resort my colour. Instead, all my GW Defence teams were set to my Fire Bombs team! (see top of screenshot)

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
First time this has happened. The weird thing is, Fire Bombs is NOT my current PvP defence team (see bottom of screenshot), so I’ve no idea how the game has suddenly chosen this team. Nor is Fire Bombs the last team in my team list: it’s 4th last, with my current PvP Defence team one above it. The only thing I can think is that, when I created my current PvP Defence team and changed it set it (Fire Bombs was the previous Defence), I did Reorder some of my team, basically moving the new team to just below all my GW Defence teams.


hope i face you in gw this week…xD


This is normal. After every guild wars reset you have to reset all your teams.


On xbox it dosen’t work that way, the team are the same then last Gw, they are also the same order then they were.

Ex yellow,blue,red,purple,brown,green

When you come back the next gw, they are the same order but the color change

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It’s just inconsistent. Some times it changes. Sometimes it doesn’t. Usually it at least changes to the actual defense you’re using in ranked PvP.
I believe the defenses are supposed to stay in place after they are set for one GW.
I urge the OP to resubmit this report after GW though and delete what they can from today’s report. If they try to fix it right now I fear they will break something else during GW.


@Starlite could you please try to do the same steps next GW and record what you’re doing this time?

I’ve tried my best to break the GW teams several times in the past by changing my PVP defense team and also my team order etc but haven’t been able to.


I can certainly try (to remember).

Personally, putting on my Testing hat, I’d be using a Profiler on the code and trying to see whence changes to GW teams can originate. Black Box testing seems too unreliable for this sort of error. But that’s just me – and I’ve never worked on a truly big coding project like a full game, so… :grainofsalt:


@awryan - In my experience, when Guild Wars starts, the defence teams are all set to the positions they were in the previous Guild Wars. But because the day colours have changed, you have to reset them to match the new colour order.

In the past, I’ve seen bugs where elements of the teams are not displayed properly on the Defence tab, but the underlying teams have always been there.

The difference this time, which I’d never seen before, was the team assignments had actually been changed, and they’d all been changed to the same team. The rest of the detail was speculative debugging.

Of course, as soon as I was done gathering info for the bug report, I reset the correct teams to the correct days (no troops within each team had changed). So I was hardly a sitting target. :smiley:

Nonetheless, I always assume that one bug (or misbehaviour) could be hiding worse.

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I had actually the same issue, but I did not care, simply changed them to what I want them to be. I am on PC/mobile.


Just chimeing in to add that when gw started last week, all my defense teams were set to my actual pvp defense (firebomb/lusts team), so I had to reset them manually. First time it happened.

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Adding my experience…
Was checking defense performance on Saturday and noticed that my Sunday defense had changed to the same one I had on Friday.
Didn’t screen shot it or have any other documentation, but thought I would add it to the thread.

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