Alch/Valk/Miner on defense

Alchemist, Valkyrie, and Dwarven Miner all give a bonus from their ability: gold, souls, and gold respectively. Do those rewards pass on to the player if they fire off during a defense match? I feel like with the number of times I’ve defended since 1.0.9 my Dwarven Miner should have triggered. Since I can’t watch the matches, though, I don’t know if the miner is even getting his mana bar filled (let alone using the ability, let alone getting the 100-gold bonus).

Can anyone confirm or deny?

100% sure that Valk skill doesnt count on defense, no matter if loss or victory. So no matter if it was cast or if the valk didnt cast but survived and would thereby increase souls gained.

No traits or abilities gain you anything on defense, you only get the 1 souls/troop killed and gems from huge cascade.

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Laaaaaaaame. Oh well. I’ll leave them there anyway. Thanks for the info.

You also get the gold from manual 4x and 5x matches, but not from cascaded ones. Well, maybe from cascaded ones. It is hard to tell with such small numbers. 50 gold is below pocket change value these days.