No Valkyrie souls from defense

I have an alchemist.Valkyre… team on defense and expected it to mine me some gold and souls. Even have the +soul trait on V. But I don’t see souls coming even on defensive wins. Just the 1/kill.

Is that the way it works, the gain resource side effects are left on the battlefield?

With the traits enabled the troops have to actually survive the battle in order to collect the extra bonus. Not sure about the regular Valhalla and Alchemy spells though…I would think that those would contribute on a defense loss.

@sirrian: can we please know if that is the intended way or a bug?

More generally, detailed info on the loot from defensive wins would be welcome.

Defense win/lose gives:

  • 3/1 glory
  • Gold for all 4 and 5 manual matches (swiping gems, not abilities)
  • 1 soul per enemy killed
  • 1 gem for every 7x+ cascade
  • Keys occasionally based on number of manual matches
  • Any gold or souls accumulated by abilities do nothing
  • Any traits do nothing for resources

When the AI plays your Defenders team for you, you get 1 soul per troop defeated. Actual membership of your defense team is irrelevant.

The above folks who replied probably thought you were talking about Revenge attacks where you play the team yourself.

Note: 7-cascades haven’t awarded gems for many moons. It’s maps now.

I think tacet is saying a 7-cascade the AI gets while piloting your defense team gets you a gem instead of a map.

I’ve had a few gems show up when checking my defense results, so that would make sense.

The defense loot screen shows gems. Though I didn’t check whether the amount of gems or maps gets increased.

We didn’t include Souls from Valkyrie in defensive rewards… we figured that it would promote a pattern of play where EVERYBODY was just putting Valkyrie teams into defense.


Can i ask for a list of traits that do not work in pvp defense? Is it just merchant and necromancy or are there more?

However, the team needs to be strong enough to win, because Valkyrie needs to survive the battle in order to receive the souls. Or am I wrong? So this would not be everybody’s cup of tea so to speak.
For me it would give some incentive to put up a real defense (as per several other discussions on the forum).

She doesn’t need to survive the battle for her spell to give you extra Souls. Not sure about the Necromancy trait, as I’m still one Runic yellow traitstone short of unlocking that.

Could by that I’m mixing the two up, indeed. I noticed significantly less souls when Valkyrie died. But that could also be from the necro trait. I will do some testing, unless the devs will shed a light on this.

I way I’ve seen it is that you’ll receive the Souls from Valkyries ability but she needs to survive the battle for the extra 50% from Necromancy to kick in.

From my understanding, the traits that don’t work in an AI PvP defend are:

  • Merchant
  • Necromancy
  • Greed
  • Siege