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Ai gold collection

When facing a Gog and gloud (typo?) it would be nice to see how much gold the ai has to calculate its damage.


Same for Bonnie Rose, Pharos for Souls etc.

Though we see those troops so infrequently :wink:

You see the occasional Warg summoned by a Kerberos.

I cant remember last time I was up against Bonnie Rose or Gog and Gud, it must be over a year ago…

Frequently or not, there should be a way to tell how much dmg these troops inflict.


Me personally could not care less, since I am never up against those troops. But I respect your opinion.

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I don’t think the ai ever “collects” anything. Take the gate that summons a daemon if so many souls are collected. The ai will never summon from that, even after aTDS cast which would be more than enough souls.

Gog have hit my troops for a max of 58 so far, and warg defo get some boost on second cast

I recently encountered an Arena enemy with Banshee and Void Portal. After two Banshee casts (12 souls) the portal was able to summon when it cast. Just my luck, it summoned War, Dark Monolith, and Kerberos, in that order. I think the Daemon type is a little top-heavy :sweat_smile:

It summoned three times? How come you couldn’t kill it?

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I had a Gog and Gud defence team last week during the giant event :wink:

I don’t think I’ve ever fought against one.

I wish I was up against you to get an easy win then :stuck_out_tongue:

:+1:t2: I lost to your defence two days ago…


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